Can anyone help... Ironing kit?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by sappagirl, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. As it says on the box..
    Does anyone have any tips on ironing (green dpm) kit? Im due to give a lesson on this but its looking pretty basic at the moment. There's not any cool pitcures around i can add into the presentation that anyone knows of?
  2. Got to be a WAH, cool pics of Ironing?
  3. Ok, rephrase as you so please... But for all the recruits that come through who cant read or speak english then pictures do help!
  4. Sure all recruits can read and speak English even if the standard is low, they should at least be able to follow a simple lesson or have we swung so low now?
  5. Now I may be preaching a revolutionary concept here, but why dont you set up an Iron, board etc and show them, rather than make them sit through a 20min power point presentation, which is what you were planning to do wasnt it
  6. Hope this helps for your PowerPoint presentation...

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  7. Helpful?

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  8. No, the pictures were for the hand outs. The rest is practical.
    A powerpoint presentation of ironing kit would be mind numbing at say the least.
  9. The only tips that I have is to turn the Iron on and to use an electric Iron, rather than a Mars Bar or a Mess Tin.

    Now if you'd have said ironing dessie DPM then I'd have had loads. Never mind eh?
  10. One of the first lessons I received in Basic Training; SI and ASIs went to each room in the block and proceeded to demonstrate how to iron our newly issued uniforms correctly. Obviously that approach is so 'last millenium' and a Powerpoint lesson is the current fashion. Powerpoint might be getting dated now, how about a download from U Tube?!
  11. I was given this pic, to be honest ironing this crud is a waste of time as the creases always come out and someone is bound to burn it

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  12. make sure you put in bold along the top of the handout,


    Maybe an illustration of a iron, with the areas not to put your fingers highlighted.
  13. Perhaps we can take this a stage further and have all lessons on downloadable pod-casts, so that recruits can train themselves from their Ipods?
  14. And an illustration of how to read the illustration

    maybe subtitles in seven other languages
  15. Train Recruits?

    How very 20th Century of you DS. Nowadays we just give them a kit, make them walk around in a squad for a while and send them out to units.

    Don't we?