Can anyone help (Great PR opportunity for ARRSE)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by msr, Sep 1, 2004.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Surely Smedley Hydro or whatever its equivelant is now should hold her mothers Med Records? From there it should be a short step to finding out her NHS number and her local (now GP)........once thats done providing she hasn't moved to frequently one of them at least should be able to verify who she is. Further her father should surely have P2O'd the birth as required under Mil law? I am sure theres more.must stop drinking wine and think :D :D
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    As LWM says, go via her father's Service Number, or his name & approximate dates of svc in S'pore. His record should have everything & it's dog entered onto it, especially if he was on an accompanied posting/tour.

    Or were those records on board the Atlantic Conveyor too ?
  4. The woman's own NHS records should show the details in summary form, transcribed from military records. I wonder if she has tried the Veterans Agency, who should be able to produce her father's records which would show chlldren.

    The MoD must have records from Changi - if not the RAFH's register of births then there should be records from G1 at HQ NEAF, who would have issued the original certificate.

    I cannot believe this is the first time that someone born in a military hospital has needed a duplicate birth certificate.
  5. Virobono wrote:
    And hard to believe that none of those the lady has already consulted have come up with a solution.

    SSAFA might also know the answer. I am no expert but have done a little research:

    If the birth was registered in Singapore, as the newspaper article implies, an extract (legal copy) birth cert can be ordered from the Immigration & Checkpoints website:

    As well as the obvious info, you need something called the Singapore Birth Certificate number, which this lady does not have. (If such a thing exists for births in 1964, her number could be one digit ahead of her twin sister's certificate.) But it looks as if you can use the website first to do a 'Search' of the records, get the info you need, then order the actual extract certificate.
  6. And the website you cite, hackle, says quite clearly that if you can't provide the number of the certificate, they'll search all the records of births in Singapore (records began in 1872). Then they find the certificate and Bob is one of your parents' siblings.

    She surely knows the information required other than the certificate number (not least since if her sister has her original certificate, the info will be on that)?

    It seems that all that's required beyond that is the payment of a fee for the search ($30), plus post and packing for a registered document.
  7. Just a thought, but during her life has she ever provided a photocopy of her birth certificate to any organisation for official reasons. If she has, it may still be on file?

  8. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. Thanks, Archimedes

    You too, boney. A photocopy birth cert would certainly help. Otherwise the info can be got from Singapore for $30.

    Over to you, msr? PM me if help needed
  10. hackle wrote:
    Nothing heard, Out