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Can anyone help finding a book?


War Hero
I read a really good book about 15 years ago written by a Brit who served with the New Zealand army in Vietnam. I think he went on to serve in the Falklands with the RAF. I remember the cover had a picture of the Aussie/New Zealand Vietnam medal on it but I can't, for the life of me, remember the title or author. Can anyone help?


Read this a while ago as well, heres a quote from the amazon review
"Her majesty's Vietnam soldier" was intended to be the first of three books by Guy Bransby, the second was called "Her Majesty's Falklands Interrogator" . So far a third does not seem to have materialised. Bransby joined the British Army in the late 1960's as a British artillery officer, serving in peacetime Cold War Germany. At the end of his service he went to New Zealand and joined that country's army, ending up serving with New Zealand and Australian Special Forces alongside American Units of the same ilk in Vietnam. He took part in many battles, and was awarded the Vietnam Medal, which has only been worn by a tiny number of British soldiers. On his return to the UK in the late 1970's he then Joined the Royal Air Force Regiment, serving in Afghanistan as a UN observer during the Russian invasion. He then went to the Falklands War in charge of a small Spanish-speaking interrogation/intelligence Unit. He was the adjutant on my Unit, 37 sqn RAF Regiment, in Germany, and was a well-liked and respected Officer, and a real Gentleman. Unassuming, a glint in his eye, and always turned out immaculately. His writing is open, frank and very descriptive, he is adept at witty and often self-admonishing constructions. A very good, informative, and enjoyable read.

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