Can anyone give some pointers

I realise that I have just registered, but I did do 22 in the REME, and I really need some advice.
When I was on resettlement leave my step father help me sort my
civvve house out. To cut a long story short I promised to find the war records out of his grandad, in my defence I was drunk as it was Germany v Brazil game.
Can anyone give me a pointer please. So far i have a name and a photo


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The capbadge looks like the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (KOYLI). Between that and his name you should be able to search for his medal roll on the National Archive site, which would then give you his regimental number.
Bloody hell, thank you guys. Very impressed


Great Tache! Sadly it looks like he is another one who's service record did not survive the 1940 Blitz!
thanks bokkatankie

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