Can anyone explain the RMP Cpl to Sgt promotion board point system?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by IconicKiller, Nov 15, 2011.

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  1. Hello to all,

    yes I'm a noob to the forum in terms of posts, but I have been an avid watcher for a good few years.

    I remember reading a post by an extremely helpful chap who kind of explained the workings of the Cpl to Sgt promotion board.

    Does anyone here know what actually scores points on the board? If so can you please explain?

    I will be honest I haven't got a clue and have been serving for a good few years and it turns out that Officers at my post have not yet had the privelage.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. operations
    knowledge of job
    standards and bearing
    extra activities - clubs, teaching blind pandas to forrage, etc
    wanting to be a fed

    all earning brucie bonus points
  3. Don't forget;
    Grassing on your friends
    Tampering or loss of evidence
    Ability to ignore critically important evidence
    Ability to contaminate a crime scene
    Big-Up-manship when in any bar or licenced restaurant
    Inability to interact with anyone who isn't RMP
    Ability to waltz around any camp like you own it, making up your own rules and regs
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  4. Oh and stand by for more of the same, because, You guessed it!
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  5. Just being a bigger CNUT than your fellow monkeys is also a big recomendation
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  6. I'm told thats what could mean their SJAR's going from a B to an A
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  7. You had best sort your fckin life out then you dirtbag, oh yes and its true no one likes you ..... now fck off
  8. The good thing is these days the whole process is anonymous and there are a few good resources online to show you the complete transaction in action.

    Just Google "Glory Hole" and you will get the idea
  9. I thought this was done by a liberal throwing of chicken bones and chanting?
  10. Don't forget the ritual dance.
  11. Funny your dishing out advice that people have been giving you for years on here you ******* spastic
  12. Years ? look at my joing date you lard ass cripple
  13. Somewhat over-qualified, I would imagine.
  14. Each time your boss receives a complaint about you, it's a point in your favor, showing that you have not been overly kind to the villain. Also catching people speeding in camp Bastion is a winner.
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  15. I think he means that judging by the tone and quality of your post, people in general have been giving you advice that you are a **** and should **** off, from , say... when you were born. I may be wrong of course.

    Don't shoot the messenger by the way.