Can anyone else see some scarey parallels with the 1930’s?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ord_Sgt, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    The run down of military forces due to the perceived lack of any real threat. A failure to confront a growing violent threat to our way of life but instead ignore and spin the whole thing to prevent it seeming a problem. Giving in and compromising everytime instead of standing firm and showing some resolve thereby inviting further infractions against us....

    It’s all going to end in tears mark my words…
  2. I totally concur. WWII was in no small part due to the democratic nations taking advantage of the 'peace dividend' after the 'war to end all wars'. The dictators saw that 'we' were weak and thought is would be easy to spread their influence unchallenged. That is what we are heading to now. I just hope that there is still something left of our armed forces when it finally happens.

    It seems politicians do not learn from history.

    "Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom." - ?
    "In a world of evil men, those who wish to live in peace must prepare for war, whether they like it or not." -- Waltz(?)
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." -- Edmund Burke

    It has been said many ways and it is as true today as it has ever been.

  3. Concur.

    The lowest Defence Budget (2.2%in GDP terms) since the 1930s and the rolling ten-year-plan. The roots of this go right back to SDR and the re-definition of the threat in the aftermath of the demise of the Soviet Bloc. SDR specifically sets out that there is no perceived conventional strategic threat to the UK or it's allies. That's enough for the Treasury, even in light of the most intense series of conflicts since Korea.

    Taking the argument that the reason that Israel is hated by the Arab world is that their economic and internal political successes serve only to show up the weaknesses and failures of the post-Caliphate Arabic governments. Western suggestions, and diplomatic pressure to ensure, that Israel should negotiate (and trade land for peace) are directly parallel to the acceptance of the Sudetenland annexation and the 1930's appeasement of totalitarianism. The primary motivating factor in HAMAS' electoral victory in the PA was the perception that they had Israel on the run rather than that the land for peace deal was an acceptable end state: there would have been no need to elect an avowedly militant party were this not the case.
  4. I can't argue against anything said so far. It was a long time ago (390 AD ish), which is probably half the problem, the Roman, Flavious Vegetius, made the point; "if you want peace prepare for war".

    I wonder if anyone cares what the Chinese and the revived Russians are thinking?
  5. Personally I think the west is over due a bloody good conventional war - press gang all those chavs, shoot them as deserters and say soz in 100 years time. Think of the biz opportunities from one, the urban redevelopment and 100% employment!

    Bring it on big boy, you know it makes sense!
  6. You're quite right actually. In many ways this is just like the thirties.

    Where I live there is practically zero unemployment, and they keep building new motorways!
  7. Now that's funny.
  8. That'd make a really cool signature on ARRSE, wouldn't it?
  9. Oh yeh..

    I only work in Bath, I don't speak Roman!
  10. Hehe

    It's true in some ways, the antisocial types who are ruining the country are the stupid ones that get killed quickly in wartime.

    Think of it as "culling the herd", this prolonged peace is unnatural.

  11. Is anyone watching the Argies at the back door?
  12. Are the Argies likely to try it on again with the Falklands? I heard a while ago they were making noise about them, but i have no idea whether they are actually serious or just making noise.
  13. The Argies will only try and kick off again once their economy begins to wobble....

    So that'll be anytime soon but don't fret, President Bliar will send a full regiment of Cadets to repel the Argies so we're all safe...
  14. It was mainly because of the Falklands War in '82 (and my old man wanting rid of me) that I joined up in '83. I'm out next year! If the Argies try it again I would have missed out completely! Fcuk!
  15. there militarys in a lot worse state than ours some shinynew rifles but no new airframes or ships :D