Can anyone complete this??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FunkyNewBlood, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. Try this!

    I think we all need to pull together on this one!
  2. What are you meant to do, I don't get it?
  3. On level 4 .....
  4. Stand till the front rank! Are you on drugs Sh*t lips?
  5. Damn it! How do you get past level 3??
  6. Any one with a decent comment to make, one step rear, MARCH!

    Stand still Danny you Fukcwit!!!!
  7. on level 5 now... be ashamed you "sigs" lot!!!
    a clue is above
  8. Link isn't working :(
  9. Stuck on level 6.... i just don't get ASCII :(
  10. Do press Ctrl and A together (this should highlight the page)

    scroll down.......
  11. argh!!!

    anyone know the old (german/european) name for twix bars?

    answer: raider phew!!!
  12. whats level four all about?


    someone give us an hint!?!?!
  13. christ-all-mighty...some fella is on level 78!....c'mon, he's got to be one of you REME lot?
  14. Stuck on level 3??

  15. How the mother do you get past level 3???