Can anyone assist in identifying my vehicle

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by 00DM23, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. Members on the EMLRA forum have suggested I ask here for assistance. I recently purchased a Land Rover Series 2a from a friends father. After taking delivery I noticed a number of markings on the vehicle that I am guessing are ex military markings.

    Drivers Door
    Left Wing
    Right Wing

    I would desperately like to return the car to original & like to learn a bit about it's history. Any help would be appreciated........

  2. I shall claim the easy one: left wing is 3rd Infantry Division (at least, it was in the Second World War). One red triangle on a big black triangle, or threee black triangles, depending on how you look at it.

    Tailgate is a red over blue arm of service strip: Gunners - Royal Artillery. The 34 is a unit code, someone will know what that was.
  3. Can we have a before and after (restoration) piccy, please. Good luck.
  5. Ferretting around I found this:
    Clive Elliot's Postwar Painting Material

    Had a quick look at one: in 1956 '34' was a Corps Field Park Squadron - this would have been on a blue square, though, for the Royal Engineers. Happy hunting!

    Given that the quickest way to get the right answer on the web is to post the wrong one, I will stick my neck out and suggest that the answer is in the 1959 manual:
    134 - Med Range SSGW Regt (Medium Range Surface-Surface Guided Weapon Regiment, Royal Artillery)
    The red over blue square doesn't look square, so there may be room for a '1' - is there any white paint there?
  6. I'm restoring a 1967 2A at the mo for my son. PM me the chassis number, I'll send you some links to trace it's history.

  7. Wow........what an incredible response, thanks so much will post more pics of "Hercules" shortly. I will check if I can find a "1" on the artillery emblem and will post a history of the vehicle later on.

    Regards to all

  8. That grill is the early and to my knowledge very rare type fitted to early FFR vehicles. I think it protected a rectifier or similar that was situated in front of the radiator and oil cooler.
  9. Bonnet catches that way round is fairly early for SII as well. It's not the very earliest going by the ventilator control but it is a fairly early one, pre 1960 I would think but I would have to check.

    The left hand windscreen wiper motor predates the vehicle and should be taken off and sold for lots of money!
  10. OEP 220 was/is a type of MoD issue oil and went into gearboxes and differentials- as oppose to OMD 110 which went in the engine.
  11. I forgot to mention The Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon.

    They do a CD Rom with all the Land Rover technical publications on it, including the FFR Workshop manual. It's on special offer at the moment 10 quid, well worth it.

    Not sure how much shipping to SA is.

    For anyone else with an ex mil Landy, for 25 quid you can get it's history here.

    Erika Spencer
    RLC Museum
    The Princess Royal Barracks
    GU16 6RW

  12. Thanks for the info, I did contact the RLC Museum and they advised that history on vehicles prior to 1965 was sketchy at best......
    I'll be over for the LRO show in Northampton in 2 weeks so might try & get there !

    Any ideas on these stencils inside bonnet ?


    Off to watch Test match at Ellis Park................later

  13. It was produced between Sept and Dec 1961.

    Here's another address, not sure if it's current.

    Lode Land
    West Midlands
    B29 8NW