Can anyone answer this question???

I got a letter back from a medical officer who says i can re apply at the end of the deferral period, problem is i dont know how long that is so i was wondering if anyone here could answer this for me, would be much appreciated.
Bit more info please!

Deferral from what, and for what.
I was still under investigation for a few things by the hospital so i couldnt join till those were over with, it then said we look forward to you re applying at the end of the deferral period.
Right, so:

1) You aren't in the Army.

2) You want to join the Army.

3) You've been told you can't whilst your unspecified condition is under review. However, once this "deferral period" is complete, you may reapply.

As a wild guess, I'd suggest that the "deferral period" is probably 12 months, but if your condition clears up before that time, don't wait around!


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