Can anyone advise me of pre course tests at SEME Bordon.

Discussion in 'REME' started by HKMP5K, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. Starting my phase 2 at Bordon in less than 2 weeks and need information about any pre course tests for the Armourer role. Can you advise??
  2. If it's the same one I took, a long time ago, then it's a bit of basic maths, some 3D projection drawing (Isometric I think?), nothing to worry about unless you're a mong :)
  3. Along with a bit science and bench fighting! Enjoy :D
  4. As long as you do not have the same IQ as a turnip then i would not worry about it.
  5. 65% for an armourer you do maths science 3d drawing also some lessons in a class for about two weeks before also week one is sh1t dont worry yo will get used to it seme regt is cool you will be in 2plt q coy (all the q coy staff are ace just dont turn up in rag order also be perpared to wait about 5/6 weeks befor tyou do anything at seme (you may do driving b cat
    there you edited for a minor mistake sorry

    as for swearing you must be imature
  6. I wouldn't go about mentioning the names of the pl staff myself, but yes you will be in 2pl. The foundation test you take is a piece of piss then when you get onto the armourer course do not let the 4 weeks of bench fighting turn you to suicide, it does get better afterwards. My best advice for further along the course, hammer the GPMG revision, seriously. A lot of courses have been hit by some tough exams lately on that weapon.
  7. nice one numpty bxxxxks just tell the whole world who is there. perhaps you need to read the rules about using real names before you enter crap on this site.
  8. says you who quotes him with all the names in your quote............... 8O
  9. Well said joe
    come on bone head sort it out.
  10. GPMG is a piece if piss! They all are :)
  11. Our Course got some LOW scores on GPMG, the 3 of us with half decent scores on everything else all scored below 75% on that one.

    Our personal belief was the pants instructional ability/ method of the instr,
    The pipe smoker was much better!!
  12. hey there are lost of srb (student reveiw board) going on for armourers at the moment
    i thought that they was sending all pott armourers down to sultan to do an extral course to help them (they cant fail)

    oh well good luck and nuckle down it is hard (dont wont to end up going recce mech or tech storeman cos you failed you course you wont enjoy your job)