Can anyone advise me, even if the answer is a lemon!?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Balleh, May 15, 2009.

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  1. I wonder whether anyone can help me - within the constraints of security and the Official Secrets Act.

    A client of my company sells sterling silver items – for example statuettes, tankards, coasters, photograph frames and things like silver prizes etc. - to a number of Regiments

    He would very much like to approach all the other Regiments/Battalions/Units in the Army, but he is having difficulty in finding a consolidated list. I said I would try to help as I am an ex-soldier (many moons ago!), but after searching on the web I haven’t been able to locate one either.

    The Army site gives a certain amount of information, but trawling through it is time consuming and it generally only gives the names of units but not their locations.


    1. Can anyone tell me where I might find a full list of all Regular units – infantry, cavalry, arty and the support arms etc. - and where they are currently based, either a UK address or a BFPO number?

    2. Is there also a list of Regimental depots, formation HQs and training establishments?

    My client appreciates that he cannot have the names of individuals and will have to write to the appointment, so which ones would be best – COs, RSMs, Adjs, PMCs?

    I would be most grateful if anyone is able to help me or point me to someone who can.

    If it is inappropriate for the list to be published here then do please pm me.

    Finally, I fully appreciate that this may be sensitive so if I am asking too much or in any way subverting security or the OSA, please let me know and I will tell my client that he will have to make the best of the Army site.

    Many thanks in advance, even if the answer is a lemon!
  2. There is a thread among Arrse somewhere with a pdf listing of all UK Bases.

    A thread search may help, but in the meantime I will look for it.
  3. Thank you, that is where I have been looking but as I said it is rather time consuming drilling down through the hierarchy.

    I was hoping for a straight forward list of units and their addresses.

  4. It would be great if you can find it.

    In the meantime I will try also.

    Best wishes.