Can anybody help?

Hi guys,
My mrs recently got me an engagement ring, quite an unusual one, but very thoughtful.
the inscription is "Sousse 1943", Sousse is in tunisia, and i know little else about the happenings there during the second world war. I know the ring came from an old boy that recently passed on, his family passed the ring to a friend who is a jeweller. The old boy also had quite a collection of medals, so i'm guessing the ring has some kind of history, and i would like to find out as much as i can. Contacting his family is not a possibility as they left no details.
the ring is silver set with what appears to be eastern/arab buildings on the front, with Sousse on one side of the band, and 1943 on the other side.i wonder if anyone can shed any light on this?

Much appreciated
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