Can anybody help please?

I have a property in N.Yorkshire very close to Catterick Garrison. I would like to rent it out to the MOD so as a Soldier and his family could use it due to the lack of MQ's in the Garrison.

Has anybody out there done this with their property and if so how/who did you go through?

Any help would be appreciated as it just seems that estate agents are ripping everyone of at the moment and yes I to am watching my pennies.

Speak to DHE just ring them them up and tell them what you want to do then ask them to put you through to whoever you need to speak to.
You could try one of the numbers below:

Allocations - 01904 665913
Customer Care (ha!) - 01748 872407
Thanks Bonzo-dog.

If anyone has done this thing before any advice would be appreciated. Was it worth the effort, was house looked after etc. :?:
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