can anybody help me please?

I hope you can help me. Do you know my dad James (jim) Green. He was based at Moscow base in Belfast in late 1982. He has been associated with the 3 tank transport, 16 sqn. He may have served with a Dave Marley. He may have been based elsewhere around Belfast and went to Moscow to make up numbers i am not sure.  He was very tall with dark hair, eyes and tanned skin. I have been looking for him for many years as i have never met him and i am very ill with kidney failure. If you can remember any ssmall detail about him would you please email me on

He met my mother there and was seeing her for a while when she fell pregenant with me. He left Moscow army base and we lost contact with him.

If you remember any small detail will you please contact me. I have run out of places to try. The salvation army will not help me as my parents were not married.

Any small detail will help. Thank you so much for your time.
??? ::)
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