Can any politician survive the scrutiny?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jimbojetset, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. Just a quick thought.
    With todays 24 hours news, Political TV progs, Internet and general scrutiny can any politician survive in the same way that previous politicians with "flaws" did?
    I'm thinking affairs, dodgy dealings, backhanders things they said yesterday not being "on-message" etc.
    A good example would be JFK who had many affairs yet remained popular
    How about alcoholism? Churchill was known to drink Champagne like it was going out of style, relatives with syphillis (allegedly) and worse half American - would he have been "outed"?
    Any thoughts?
  2. Strikes me as unfair that we hold politicians to higher moral standards than we hold ourselves: why should we expect politicians to have perfect private lives? Pretty sure none of us do.
  3. I liked how Harriet Harman clearly agreed on TV that the govt should apologise over Iraq and then after winning the deputy leadership denied she ever said it!

    The swine have no shame.
  4. Gwar too. 8O He would have been fcuked if colour tv was around.
  5. Agreed. I think the only way for a politico to survive these days would be to brazen it out, appealing over the heads of the media to the huddled masses beyond: 'Yeah, I did have an affair, but it's none of your fcuking business."

    I think most people would shrug and not really care a great deal, as on the continent.
  6. Hey if it was Berlusconi, he would probably show you pictures!
  7. Erm.....what do you mean by perfect?
  8. Perhaps "perfect" was too strong: what I meant was that politicians seem to often get a significant degree of condemnation for incidents in their private life that are not at all uncommon in the private lives of joe and joanna public.
  9. Well if doing the dirty on your missus behind her back is what you are on about (or any other thing involving loss of trust) then, yes I am perfect and expect the same from any person in a responsible job. Otherwise their integrity is in question surely?
  10. OK, what about if they get pissed one night and say something indiscrete/stupid/antisocial on the internet? We might get called a tw*t, they would lose their jobs.
  11. Don't agree - having an affair seems enormously different from committing fraud, cronyism, lying to the public, etc. Similarly, the fact that I break the laws on speeding doesn't mean I'm going to break the law about assault or theft. What you do in your private life in no way has to translate to what you do in your job.

    Edited to add:
    Agreed - I don't see why we have to impose double standards.
  12. I tend to disagree with the views of most posters thus far. Whilst I do believe that sexual pecadillos should not concern anyone but the families of the MPs concerned there are other matters where a politician has to behave.

    *How could a politician pass laws (and therefore be judging as wrong the people who carry out the acts they seek to ban) if those politicians are breaking other laws.

    *Does it not show as having a lack of judgement if a politician commits some offence - even in an earlier life. If a person fails Himself by showing a lack of morals once then He is likely to do so again - as a politician He would be failing the country as well.

    I am not talking aboout small lapses of integrity but of the more important ones. If a politician thinks it is ok to speed and therefore endanger those around Him, how can He be trusted not to be just as selfish elsewhere
  13. From another angle then. Who would be left to vote for?
  14. Just about all of the men we venerate as great leaders had flaws... part of being human. What each of them possessed however was an indomitable will and sense of duty & purpose that allowed them to rise above their own faults to make the right decisions at the right moment.

    Sadly... such men no longer pursue politics.
  15. I'd even say that great men were/are often equally great sh1ts... part of their distinction from the mediocre mass....