Can any one ID this?

wg100 said:
stormtrooper2006 said:
can any one tell me what this is, what its for, and where i can get a green one?

This is not a wah.
Not likely to get much response as I don't think we're psychic...
, It's a comma
it looks like the start of a web forum thread, not a very good one.

Expect it to break very soon.
It's a clip off the old body armour.
I beleive it is a loop which is intended to go around a webbing belt which can then be plugged into the other part which is attached to a set of ECBA. I think the idea was to attach the webbing to the body armour to spread the load or stop the webbing sagging.

I've never used it, people mainly use it as a weapon style sling near there shoulder.

My £0.02 worth.

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