Can Any One Help

four questions.

Does anyone know where, how long, what you get up to and is there any Civy quals that you gain from the ACF PTI course is?

As I got a mate going on it and I said I would ask you lovely people.

If this is the wrong place sorry I thought this would be better as there are more people that are PT minded here if you know what I mean,,,
4 days, ASPT Aldershot, light PT, bit of Assualt Course and as far as I know, you do not get any civi qualifications from it.
Thank You.

I gues that would be the same as the real AAPTI but in the cadets and not as in depth?

I gues he would find it easy then, as he has done the AAPTI continueation course already.

What counts as "light" PT.
Not nearlly as in depth. Light PT ie runs at less than 80% max heart rate, some obstacle course, bit of circuit training.

If he's qualified as AAPTI he should breeze it.
cheers and if you ask me itsounds like apile of pish...
doesnt sound there'll be too much for him to worry about, more of an attendance course than anything, will give a brief look into training methods, control etc.
does any one "work" :lol: at the ASPT that could e-mail or PM the Syllabus to me so that i can jst show it to him

it is the one in aug that he is pos going on!! just incase it is under redevelopment.

He ha sasked me to let you know it isn't training methords it's training domains
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