can any one help, RAF flights adv trng

thinking i might sort out a golf holiday to cyprus, bluffing it as adventure training. does any one know if i could use the RAF indulgent flights to get the group there, or who i need to get in touch with to seek costs, booking etc?
Indulgence Flights on RAF Aircraft

All enquiries about booking indulgence flights for service personnel and their families should be directed to the Defence Passenger Reservation Centre, telephone 020 73054800. Members of the general public cannot book indulgence flights.

Taken from the RAF Brize Norton webpage....

RAF Brize Norton

All indulgence applications are to be submitted on a RAF form 2768/IND. One application-one flight request. Thus for a return journey, two applications should be provided. However applications for Cyprus, RAF Ascension and the Falkland Islands should be to their respective movement authority, you can contact DPRC Direct Line on: 96305 4800, or for additional theatre contact details can be found in JSP 800 part 2 chapter 8.


Applications for travel as a CNFP/CFP passenger are to be made on an F/MOV/562 and must be sponsored by the appropriate Joint or Single Service HQ in the UK or overseas.

More detailed information is provided from the ' related document' listed on the right, or can be obtained from the CNFP/CFP cell on 96305 x 4816.
Please also see JSP800 part 2 chapter 3, for current MoD policy regarding entitlements and procedures.

Hope this helps.
Just a word of warning, be careful using RAF flight for adventure training or your jolly.

They have a habit of canceling or bumping you off.

It's probably safer getting a forces discount on the flights through one of the firms which offer it, simply as you are less likely to be messed around.

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