Can any one explain to me

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Chinook82UK, Aug 3, 2003.

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  1. Why the RLC has gone and bought the Yank Oshkosh tank transporter instead of our own Multidrive???

    And yes I have driven both on numerous occassions

    The Multidrive has vastly superior manouverablity and a lot better off tarmac capabilities.

    Is it yet again Just a matter of price, or was it a political guesture towards the colonials?
  2. The oshkosh is a big pil of cr*p. As long as you dont turn you should be okay :roll: Personally i think someone’s got a sense of humour.
  3. The fundamental question has to be why do we need to buy the things at all? Sure, the transporters did (another) sterling job in the Gulf second time around but it will not have escaped most peoples notice that there were an aweful lot of civvie transporters around (mostly belonging to US Contractors) which could do the job for probably a third of the price.

    Anybody see any sponsored reserves?
  4. I have little faith in the procurement system.

    Ref the Oshkosh thingy (which - strangely enough - has been advertising in the RLC rag for some years now...) just keep an eye out for anyone who was involved in the project, that is set to leave the Army soon. They may be invited by Koshmosh to "smooth" the delivery of the after-sales package to the MOD!

    ...not spreading nasty rumours, just very cynical.

    Well, it's either that... or the unit cost is cheap. The spares pack, warranty terms, increase in average REME man-hours per X job, miles between failures, cost of tyres, interoperability, Km per litre and ridiculous dimensions are a different story!
  5. Just one thing about why the Army has the Oshkosh. They haven't bought it at all. It's what's called a PFI (Privately Funded Intiative) and FastTrax have actually bought it. We (Army PLC) just rent it off them and they do all the rest. As for the trailer, it is actually british built by Kings. Even though it is a pile of dog doo.

    However the Army has just bought the Oshkosh Water Carrier and are looking to replace; 4, 8, 14 Tonners and DROPS (Dumb Retards Operating Plastic Scammels) with Oshkosh trucks, the preferred tender is out soon.

    As for Civvy trucks, well let's just civlilianise the whole Army shall we, after all who needs, Loggies, Scalies, Soapy Wrappers, Medics and Clerks? As long as we have teeth arms we'll be OK. BRING BACK THE COMMANDER, TRADE PAY AND BADGES!
  6. It`s a truck, your bloody drivers, drive it!. Mind you, it will always look good in TRUCKIES QUARTERLY (Sustainer). :p
  7. Bat fink,
    The drivers cant be trusted to drive them that is why we employ Sponsored reserves.
    Anyway why are they ( the Tank Transporter Drivers) classed as a different trade? after all its just another truck only a bit bigger. That just means another fam course.
    If a Sup Spec gets posted as an ammo storeman he does the course, takes on the responsibility, then gets posted, he doesn`t try to change trades to Ammo Sup Spec.

    Anyway The Commander has an automatic gearbox, how easy is that to drive my sister could do it!!!
  8. SRs are employed, as the real Tk Tptr drivers are all out in Iraq not only doing Tk Tptng but also normal drivning jobs as the CO wants all his drivers there, especially the best ones.

    The other reason a Tk Tptr driver is just that it is beacuse it involves a lot more than driving. A storeman is always just a storeman regardless of POL, ammo, spare parts or clothes. The Tk Tptr driver has a recovery task as well that's why there are winches. And I don't just mean dead tanks, but rolled tanks too. Have you ever seen an A1 course photo, tanks on barrells. That's why they got extra pay, even though Dir REME went mad when he saw more than just his precious Reccy Mechs could recover. Damn right that the Slops deserve the pay. But fat ATs who moan about the odd tour, and then never actually do anything but slag off ATOs as they are all stupid.

    By the way it was a pre-select gearbox not an automatic.
  9. How does the Mighty Antar manage to change a (admittedly rivetting) discourse about some big truck or other into a scurrillious attack on ATs? They are not all fat and some of them are on thier third row of medal ribbons (for all the TROGS out there, that means they've done a fair few tours as you don't normally get that many gallantry awards) 8)
  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Does Antar have a complex?

    How has it been turned into an attack on trade groups from a serious question about vehicle procurement?

    It is an interesting subject, as is the preservation of historical military vehicles such the old Antar.
  11. Antar is like all old and bold Tk Tptrs - can't see past the end of their own nose. If wearing a badge is so important there are courses and trades that individuals have to do something to wear a badge or prove themselves to earn the right to wear a badge. Operating a winch is not one of these. His gobbong off about DROPS is just petty.

    Word off advice Antar " get yourself down to the QMs to sign out your deadmans shoes".

    Standby... Mill!
  12. Yaeah, I suppose so. I'd even listen if you had ever done one of the Tk Tptr Trade courses. Not just eating Pukka Pies you know.
  13. Absolutely no complex at all. I was actually defending the ATOs from the ATs from a different string. Sorry it spilled over into this one, I was still quite annoyed about it.

    As for medals, we all have a few now, and yeas some Tk Tptrs are on their 3rd row too. Bosnia was six on, six off for about 8 years. I must admit not too many medals for gallantry, but we're not all in it for the headlines and danger money, (same pay as chefs)?
  14. Mighty Antar my (old) boy,

    If you not in it for the money, for what are you in it?

    Money may not be the be all & end all, but it does buy most things. Higher rate may not be as good as Tech pay but it's better than Lower rate.

    Personally I do it for the money and nothing more. It's not great but it pays my debts. When they're gone I'm off - :roll: 22 years beckons.

    Scammels - Watford's finest. Unipower - British and a bit of standardisation. OshKosh - Enormous backhanders and further into bed with America. Common theme with Tony and the Brith Squaddie :evil:
  15. Having been out for 11 years now, its good to see that same arguments floating about. The one thing I have missed in my time as a civi, is the teamwork and the way you could totaly depend on the other guy wearing the uniform, no matter whether, Tk Tptr, Cook, or Sniper.

    When I joined up in 1973 at the age of 17, I was pleased to go to a Tk Tktr Sqn. The pay and conditions where never an issue. I was just pleased to get a job I enjoyed doing.

    The hardest course in the Army (and still nobody has passed it) is the cooks course, but we were always pleased to see the harbour wagon.

    [align=center]Keep up the good work all of you[/align]