Can any ex Greenjackets help me ?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by sugarfree_gum, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. Digging Up Recent Corpses on Holiday?
  2. Like this isn't a waaah durch
  3. The phase Wa#k Durch was first used by the bugle platoon of 3 RGJ back in the 70's while in Berlin.

    It was first used as an expression of " TO MUCH or THATS TO MUCH " i.e "go and stag on again" thats Wa#k durch !

    it has evolved into anything that the user wants it to mean these days:

    Durch - good, well done, great etc.

    I can supply the name of the Bugler who first used it, if you want autographs, but he is still serving so perhaps i best not !
  4. cheers matey , thats all i wanted to know. I did a course with some 3RGJ lads in the late 80's and they used the word all the time. Same thing happened when I did SCBC.
    It was Durchmungus.
    I wonder if it will filter to all the battalions of the Rifles ?
  5. From my memory it was only really used by 3 RGJ lads - I never heard it much elsewhere. Been out a while so I don't know if it's in common useage but I hope not - I found it annoying and childish - but then again I was a bit of a smart ar5e! 8)
  6. When I was in 1LI in 90 it was used, but maybe the word came across from training?
  7. I remeber the RGJ guys had a t-shirt with a picture of denice the menace holding a gimpy with ' dennis says 3RGJ is soft durch' on it.
  8. I was with 2LI in 95 and it wasn't used then - and we had loads of RGJ lads attached.

    There still is a bit of confusion for me. I was told that durch meant bad, and that w@nk durch meant good. is this correct?
  9. I was told when used it reversed the meaning of the sentance. So Good would be 'w nk durch' , a fit woman would be ' dog durch' a tall person would be 'short durch' etc etc
  10. I was told that durch meant "not."
    W@nk-durch was an expression for something good. Straight-durch was used for a bottom-bandit, etc.
    This was while with 2RGJ for a short attachment, so it's possible I was getting this piss ripped out of me! :D
  11. Durch,means through,though it has a few meanings, and depends on how you use it.

    Soft Durch,would mean `soft in the middle`, if you like your steaks well done......gut durch;your boot soles are holey,....sind durch,atc.

    Doch,can be used as not;after a rethink,......doch nicht,(change your mind)or ok,doch,das will ich haben,(go on then,I,ll have it)

    There was a really good book written by an American woman called the Gimmik(?),not sure if its in print now,but very good for picking up,normal day to day German;I being a CNUT,lent it out and of course never saw it again!

    Most squaddies gave up learning, because the wives, used the ridiculous german trait of laughing at mistakes;It takes a thick skin,(or head)!
  12. In general "durch" as used by the RGJ just reverses the meaning of the original word. Hence "W*nk durch" means something is good whereas "Good durch" means something is W*nk. It's rocket science durch.
  13. On the RGJ Scroll 1966 to 1991 3 RGJ hava a Rfn D I B DURCH, I believe this was a joke. durch.