Can another MOD Dept pay a TA soldiers wages

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. Weird question I know but I had a problem again come into my Inbox today and I thought could I ask TA soldiers to turn in, solve the problem and not effect units budget?
  2. Please explain
  3. Do you mean as MACC/MAGD task?

    There is a mechanism, but the chances of your unit getting the cash back are slim ...
  4. No, its a relatively easy IT problem which some of our TA soldiers could solve. I can't go into details because of the recent DIN and work would sack me if I did.
  5. or I suppose could I exploit the TA for cheap labour, its not like its been done before.
  6. If 'work' will re-reimburse the MTDs, sounds like a perfect PFI deal...
  7. Can you just get your work to pay the TA bods directly? That would be easiest all round, surely?
  8. Or make the PSAO an offer for Sqn funds he cannot refuse ;)
  9. I want to get around DCSA and work, the baggage is fracking huge. It was a major who emailed me, if he can get around MTD's the solution is very simple.
  10. Polar,

    If you can get this run by Bde (think PR opportunity), then you are on to a winner.

    If it can be fixed in a day it should not be a problem.

  11. but could I get around MTDs? Regiment wouldn't be to happy with them being used for another Theatre Troops Bde
  12. Sorry that is Regular Army thinking
  13. Speak to your PSAO ;)
  14. Ha, kinda. You can get the parent brigade to release MTDs upon receiving appropriate authorisation from PJHQ - who may do so upon request from your customer organisation (you work for a DEC perhaps?). Basically make the 'event' an exercise, find a sponser for it, they'll release a DIN/DCI/Whatever it was, that gives soldiers (reg and reserve) authority to attend.. The Brigade might then approach DEC or whathaveyou for a refund for manpower etc.

    I'm no expert, but something similar was engineered a little while ago. Alternatively hire the soldiers in a civilian capacity as contractors to apply their military experience.

    Heh, if you have hierachy involved way above the Majors head then career climbers in bde may well sit up and be very helpful.