Can anbody recommend an online learning company for gcses

Apologies if this is the wrong place but as i find myself approaching 30 im currently evaluating where i am in life and thinking i need a change of career. The first port of call is to get the qualifications i should have had 10 years ago and was wondering if anybody can point me in the right direction as there are mixed reviews on the internet about different firms offering home learning. Im thinking of going for English Language and Mathematics for starters as the course's i have seen arent cheap and these are the main two i need as i got a half decent mark for science.
Here's some free GCSE stuff from the BBC link. The maths is ok for revision. Are you after a firm to provide the exams or just learning resources?

More maths.
joey_deacons_lad said:
I'm looking to do the exams hopefully have it boxed off by next summer but im in the enquiry stages for now
Ah ok, sorry can't really help then, although those links should help out with a bit of revision.
have you looked at your local college? They usually offer GCSE's with tuition quite cheaply.

Also, if you pop into WhSmiths or woolworths, they usually have the GCSE revision guides. If you want to do it on your own without paying an expensive company, you could use these and just register for the exams with your local college.
Sorry, I just realised that just taking the exams alone may not be possible as both of these GCSE's have coursework to be done throughout the year.

Dependent on how much spare time you have and if the career choice you want will require you to go to university first, you could also try an access course and save some time. I think many of them are different but the one I did (Access to Law at MANCAT) had English and Math NVQ level 2 (GCSE level) as a requirement of the course regardless of whether you had your GCSE's. This could save you time as this is a year course which would get the GCSE requirements out of the way at the same time as a course that can get you into uni. The access course I did was free, although I think some people had to pay a couple of hundred pounds. It lasted a year and was about 3 days a week meaning you could work a part time or flexi-full time job at the same time.
I really need to do it in my own time as im working full time with a mortgage and all the additional bills so shortening hours is'nt really an option for me
If you are serving then go along to your ALC. Whilst they do not actually do GCSE's they do a qualification which is recognised as equivalant.

If not serving try leandirect. They have the same courses (as used by the ALC's). These can all be done on line in your own time.

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