Can an Officer marry a Soldier?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Dammj, May 26, 2011.

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  1. Basically the question is in the title, Can an Officer marry a soldier?
  2. Is he really all that pretty? Surely you could just keep him as a pet instead?
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  3. In essence, no he/she can't marry a soldier who is serving.
  4. I know of a TA officer who has been married for a fair few years to a SNCO but not sure about the regs.
  5. Christalmighty... Officers these days ... never satisfied with just metaphorically ******* the troops.
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  6. According to Queen's Regs you have to salute them before and after sex.

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  7. So a civvy married a SNCO? Enthralling.
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  8. Anone know where i can see this written in the queens regs?
  9. In the RSM's or provost Sgt's office maybe?
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  10. Ive just posted the same thing in the other thread about this of the same name.
    There is only really a problem if you make a problem. Obviously any relationships in the same unit are a complete no no, however as long as you dont work together, there shouldnt be an issue. e.g male officer in a relationship with female full screw from another unit 50 miles away. As long as she turns up to his mess dos in a dress and doesnt give it big time about being a cpl, and he goes to her dos in a suit and keeps his OJAR opinions to himself, whats the drama?

    I know a female officer who is married to a sgt. they were married when they were both full screws and then she commissioned. Again, there are never any problems because no-one makes a problem.
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  11. As stated above, provided the individuals are not in the same chain of command, they can "be in a relationship", including being married. There are plenty of female officers who have married older SNCOs (daddy complex perhaps?)

    Main rule is, if your are in the same unit/chain of command, keep it in your pants, otherwise pretty much fair game (although you probably won't have a great deal in common).
  12. I have a mate who while serving as a regular lance jack married a TA Captian in the same (very) small corps. With a lot of common sense and local agreement he even attended some officer mess functions as Mr ............ Although she was TA she was regularly on duty in and around the depot where he was based without any problems and IIR they were living on the pads quarters for a while.
  13. It is possible for an officer to marry a soldier. It's also possible to drive a car using only your feet.

    Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. :)
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  14. Not quite the same as what the OP asked. A Cpl marrying a Cpl is not what was asked.

    In so far as an Officer marrying a soldier the relationship must pass the service test:

    "Have the actions or behaviour of an individual adversely impacted or are they likely to impact on the efficiency or operational effectiveness of the Army (unit)?”

    However even if the relationship passes the service test the couple must look at the impact of service life on them. A normal relationship in the forces has issues to overcome, then a relationship between a couple who are of similar rank has some more issues, to further complicate that by having a relationship that will rarely see a couple posted to the same location, unable to serve in the same unit and some of the social difficulties / awkwardness that comes with the relationship (bear in mind that other service personnel, Officer and soldiers, may not be so open minded) they must be very sure of the strength of their relationship.
  15. I was a Regular WO1 and my wife a Regular Capt, we just couldnt serve in the same unit.