Can Am Bombardier 250

Now, I used to ride one of these little feckers as a subbie many moons ago and I'm looking for a simple project to while away the evenings at Chateau Bubbles but I'm no bike expert - are they worth tinkering with?
I too was issued with a brand new one in 1982 and was not all that impressed with it.

Over weight under powered, no 21" front wheel and poor tyres. Prefered the BSA B40.

I feel the Army at the time should have brought the XT 500 Yahama.

However it did not stop me buying one in the late 80's, rose coloured lenses and all that, and it quickly confirmed my originial feeling, lack of cheapish spares being my main concern, so I sold it to somebody who knew less about Can Ams than I did, so I though.

He completely stripped it down and rebuilt it as new.

Join the MT 350 FORUM as there is a section for Can Ams.

If its the Rotax engine that has your interest, I have a 250 cc Rotax engined Scorpa trials bike for sale and that will keep you busy in the evening tinkering.
Which reminds me, I need to offload my Can Am 250 that's littering up the garage.

They weren't actually a bad bike in their day, trouble is, the army bought them a decade after their day.
They are basically the same bike as a 1973 Can Am 250 TNT enduro bike that was the big thing in the early 70's and it's MX brother swept the board in 74/75.
The army bought them after Can Am had given up on bikes and rather than buy the rights to the last and vastly better version, the 1980 Qualifier which weighed bugger all, had excellent very long travel suspension and a pretty impressive for a 250 34bhp, they bought the long obsolete TNT with 4" of suspension travel and about 24bhp.

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