Can Afghanistan Be Saved?

Perturbed said:
Skynet said:
There is a very good article on the Afghan thread for those who may wish to read it.
There are plenty mate. Lots of them posted by you. Which 1 in particular are you meaning?
The latest page posted of course with that title 'Re: Can Afghanistan Be Saved?
Have a good read
Yes, a very good well written in-depth article. What a tangled web it describes. Assuming it is acurate then there is hope providing NATO digs deep and economic prosperity can be generated by the international community.
GDP per capita's well up, inoculations shot through the roof, the surge in primary education couldn't be higher, and the licit agricultural industry is bedding in with some notion of creating a pharmaceutical industry still an option. 4.5 million refugees returned by UNHCR relocation, with the rest earmarked for 2009. Municipals are continuing to be constructed in civ & mil defence continues to shore up. Economic indicators are good, though there is still frustration that progress is being somewhat thwarted by lack of political will to over commit, borne in part by democratic opinion back home best labelled as general apathy.

Strategic missions are always won, no-go areas don't exist, engagements are still hot because illicit supplies of modern arms arrive from the factionary support through Iran & to a lesser extent Pakistan.

Tactically, things are still up in the air. With two of the principle actors projecting asymmetrically pursuing their own geopolitics taking Afghanistan to the brink.

Can It still be won?

Yep. But I perceive the answers lie in part inside the bordering countries. There's still a lot of bad blood between the ethnic elements, and nobodies expecting them all to get into bed with each other, but if the economics continue to civilise, and the strategic force projection continues to give those who ask for a bloody nose a thorough seeing too, then it'll take one Tactical clusterfcuk on a grand scale (like 2 dozen MOP's dropped from the edge of space in and around Tehran) to bring it all down.

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