Can a Tenant sort out repairs and bill the Landlord?

Situation is that a Tenant needed some minor electrical work doing - lightswitch in kitchen had stopped working. Landlord ( who maintains the property) was contacted by text but as he was going on holiday in a couple of days, he replied that he'd sort it on his return. This took overall best part of three weeks.

Given the fact that the kitchen was in large part dark ( some low level lighting eg. at foot level and in the cabinets) could the tenant have got a Sparkie in, and billed the landlord for the works?


Depends upon the terms of the tenancy agreement; I don't think many agreements actually give a time deadline for repairs, etc. It would be down to legal interpretation of what constitutes a reasonable effort on the part of the landlord.

In this case, waiting for three weeks would seem unreasonable, and the tenant justified in sorting it out.

I always authorise my tenants to organise a repair themselves; in our part of UK its a struggle to get any tradesman to turn up at all....
The tennant could text the landlord again and say that rather than wait 3 weeks could they get an electrician in and send on the bill, alternately ask what electrician the landlord would use and ask permission to go direct.
I agree, nothing to stop tenant getting it sorted. I have used a lead tenant who pays a bit less each month but liaises with tradesmen etc on my behalf , this was because I was abroad and the managing agents had been sacked for being useless. Obviously in this case must be a qualified sparky - big probs if landlord encourages tenants to 'have a bash' at the electrics.

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