Can a technician be a yeoman???

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mollzers, Feb 15, 2005.

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  1. Is it possible for a technician to sit the yeomans entrance exam?

    As there is this overmanning of technicans at the moment and some people are concerned about the crowding of the RD roster, it seems another avenue to be explored!

    Does anyone know for sure what the stipulations are?? or how one would go about it???

    I have heard that it is possible, but have recently heard a great number of 'ledgends' that arnt quite as they initialy appear.

    This is a genuine question and i would be grateful for some genuine response!

    If you do feel the need to slag the techs off again then please use another thread, as you will only be wasting your own time!

    regards.. mollzers!!!!!!
  2. Watch and shoot, watch and shoot. 8O
  3. Funny this should come up, as I heard this very rumour today aswell!!! Spooky.

    Not sure how it would work as there are alot of things a tech wouldn't know, unless he put the effort in to find out, prior to the exam. But in theory why not.

    Also heard that Ops could go for FofS.

    This could really benefit the corps'.
  4. I dont believe a Technician can attend Yeoman selection. The Yeoman are selected from one of the feeder trades - AS or RS Operators. A technician, i believe, would be disadvantaged from the start. The carear you would have had so far doesnt give you the varied experience required by the Yeoman. Once you are a SNCO and ready for selection, the Corps has invested a great deal of time and money in the class 1 tech. Besides, i expect the first question at the selection interview would be "So why didnt you go Foreman".

    That said, i doubt there would be any barrier for a young technician re-trading to AS or RS early on in their carear, getting up to class 1 in their new trade and being recommended for Yeoman selection.

    And as a tool for reducing the overmanning of the technician roster, exactly how many Yeoman do you think the Corps needs??

  5. You can check SOINC (A) PDs - on the intranet or in every RAO.

    However, I do not believe there is any way a technician could apply to be a YofS - they have the wrong background, experience, skill-sets etc. The same would also be true for an operator trying to apply to be a FofS - it just does not work!
  6. Any trade can apply to be a FofS but...

    They must first complete the Tech Class1,

    Serve 12 months in rank as a class 1 Tech SNCO

    Study and pass the precourse modules and be succesful on the selection board.

    But anybody could go FofS in theory, you would just have to prove yourself.
  7. Is this the same for yeoman?????
  8. Suppose it could work with a a Tech having to complete AS/RS Class 1 before the course (plus 12 mnths as SNCO) and do then YoS course.

    Wouldn't IS Eng then IS Sup be better route, with a Tech and IS background you could pick a civvy job.