Can a TA infantry Coy exist as an independent entity?

This question was banged about at a do last weekend, as once again we're threatened with being merged.

Obviously, everyone's getting ready for a fight , but the question is, can a TA Inf. Coy exist as an independent entity, possibly re-roled as a Volunteer Coy for it's regular battalions?

I know what doctrine or "military logic" dictates , but the question is , is it possible, or how large a formation would you need to be, or is it simply not possible?
I would say yes. But it would likely have to be a coy+. You would have to have various support extras that are normally held at HQ coy.

The Corps have independant Sub-units, so why not Inf.
PartTimePongo said:
Can a TA Inf. Coy exist as an independent entity, possibly re-roled as a Volunteer Coy for it's regular battalions?
Being independent of the Mercians potentially means you can't do your CCRF role (well you can but people will argue against it) and so a reason to disband you.

Has the LI decided to abandon shropshire and the durhams for the South West, does this also mean the RRF have decided they are a North East Bn.


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Yes, certainly. Bn HQ adds a small element of C2 at the cost of carrying a very large element of "others", which are worthless in training, and pretty undeployable. I can't really see the point of many Cap Badges - let alone Inf - having a Bn HQ. There is not a cat in hell's chance of the CO ever deploying with his troops, so what are they there for? It's hard enough getting mobilised as a Lt or Captain - VERY hard as a Major - what price TA Lt Cols other than those in a specialist role?

(Sorry - obvious answer - a command Appointment for those who need them. And nowadays that's 90% Regular).
So it can happen?

What are the practical steps that have to take place?
PTP, it depends what you mean…

To train at company level you need to be part of a battalion, otherwise your OC, 2IC and CSM just become training wing commanders. They run the training for their platoons but have the DS pink, so are never tested themselves, nor is their ops room / CV or CSS element. After SDR the TA infantry was just going to provide watchkeepers and IRs, so they lost any worthwhile Bn HQ, keeping just enough to give 2nd 11 regular army Pink List candidates a shot at "command" :twisted: .

As long as you never deploy a formed company this doesn't matter (there is another thread somewhere asking why we have TA Majors and above: same applies). As soon as you do, though, none of your company level staff will know how they fit into the bigger picture, or will have had any preparation for their operational role. New Chapter (ptui…) of SDR recognised this and beefed up Bn HQ for possible UK Ops deployments (CCRF, ptui…, again), so some semblance of training at company level became feasible again – just as we started sending TA companies to Iraq :D :D .

So I don’t think Old Snowy is quite right in this case. But if you mean can you exist as an island of cap-badge independence, well, yes – the YoYos do it and the multi-badged bastardisations of the TA infantry have done it to. However, this is not really the way ahead: FIS is about rationalising the infantry, not creating more anomalies. A comment in another thread (shows how much work I’ve been doing today 8O ) referred to the Light Infantry TA “abandoning” Yorkshire and Durham for the South West. Actually, they are fighting it all the way, but they'll lose. And probably rightly so. The Guards recruit perfectly well without any TA "representation" (and I’m not convinced that a platoon march-past in the county town once a year and the odd glimpse of someone gassing-up a clapped-out Defender in the local Shell garage justifies the term :? ), the ACF are more important to recruiting than the TA. That is where we need to fight battles about cap-badges, I reckon :( .

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