Can a soldier be charged/punished for not buying T shirts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smileriraq, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. Guys

    Not sure if this is the right thread but will post it anyhow, Got a question about the selling of unit T shirts. Basically situation is this

    Just returned to my unit after 3 year posting to an RTC. First day back I get tasked with selling the unit T shirts to the toms, the BQMS has managed to convince the powers above that when on camp all PT will be done in the unit T shirt. Basically standard green t shirt with a particularly uninspired logo on the left breast costing £8

    Now in order to set an example Ive got a Tshirt however personally I think that provided that your wearing an army issue T shirt that its wrong to force soldiers to pay for additional t shirts. Its one thing to appeal to the Toms to buy a tshirt but the BQMS is talking about administrative action for any soldier who fails to attend PT wearing the T shirts

    My questions are these

    1) Can a soldier be forced to pay for clothing when he allready has an issued T shirt
    2) Can a soldier be charged for not wearing a T shirt that he doesnt want to pay for (provided he is wearing an issued T shirt)

    As a Sgt I dont mind buying my own T shirt to set an example to the other soldiers to encourage them to want to buy a T shirt but I do have a problem with pressganging soldiers who are on the lowest wages to pay for T shirts they dont want just because the BQMS is stuck with T shirts he is having trouble selling. Any advice on this will be greatly appreciated
  2. Buy the lot yourself and give em out free.
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  3. 1) No. (on the assumption you don't think loosing your No,2's but holding onto a t-shirt will keep everyone happy).

    2) No. (unless the other type of t-shirt required is issued and your avoiding a P1954).

    But... (insert many options here).

    For the old gits...

    Shirt PT white qty 1.
    Shirt Pt Red qty 1.

    Shirt PT Pink.... go to stores and pay for another shirt PT white.
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  4. Ask if the troops can pay in installments over a year (16p per week) and get the BQMS to go round ciollecting the money.

    The silly bugger will end up with a nervous breakdown trying to administer the bloody thing.
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  5. Shirt PT pale greenish yellow hippy stylee, spotted amongst my gleaming new trainset of nig toms in new white PT vests.....

    "Private Thompson why does you PT shirt resemble a jaundiced Chinamans arse?"

    "Dunno Staff, that's how it came out of the wash!"

    "Well get it changed today, parade behind the guard tonight in a white shirt!"

    Two days later, the gleaming white trainset are all sporting pissy green-yellow PT vests! Including Thompson.

    "What the **** are you ******* mongs on, what happened to your PT vests?"

    "Dunno Staff, that's how they came out of the wash!"

    "What did you wash em with, Coleman's mustard powder?"

    "No Staff, the washing powder in the's called FLASH."

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  6. Illegal order if ever I've heard one. BQMS sounds like a typical bullying mong. Just quote a random chapter of Queens Regs at him and say it states what he is doing is illegal, he probably can't read and will just panic and chin it off.
  7. I believe 1-No 2-No

    But -

    Its £8 FFS ya tight gyets! Do without a pack of fags or a few bevvies and have some pride, even if the logo is naff

    I only wish i'd bought a stack of unit T-shirts when i had the chance, my unit no longer exists and ive little to show for it
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  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I was told when refusing to sign an accro for a unit sweatshirt that when the company tour photo is taken I will be on pan bash. Ok says I and cuts off sleeves in front of pln sgt. Its mine, its not issued. Lo and behold the tour photo was in working dress!
    ***** made me travel in the baggage lorry for that all the way to some trooping shithole down south!
    Still it wouldnt fit me and possibly ended up as rags anyway. I seem to recall the RE troop in Stanley took the piss out of the rifle company for turning up with a tour sweatshirt so much that they refused to wear them.
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  9. Sounds like the BQMS had a 'good idea'. Sold it to the CoC, and is now miffed that his 'good idea' wont be complete, due to people saying, 'actually I'd rather keep my 8 beer tokens.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Simply ask the BQ for the instruction in writing, or the correct aquittance roll and see if he starts to sweat. Is it a reg or TA unit?
  11. If the spastic had any brains he would have took numbers off the blokes before he ordered them and a deposit.

    I say tough flocking shit and let him foot the bill. Stick up for your blokes mate, as their Sgt your the only one who will be able to fight their corner.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    100% agree, rub salt into the wound by getting the lads to get their own ones done downtown!
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  13. Be warned! When I was with Royal Welch we had to have Company sweatshirts (REME Black). If you didn't have one you weren't allowed to participate in the Friday afternoon run in the hills!
  14. As i said Ive literally just returned to unit after 3 years so was trying not to rock the boat , I dont mind encouraging the guys to get the t shirt ( I bought one myself against better judgement to show a good example) but I will not AGAI or force the toms on the ground to pay money when they dont have to.

    Unfortunatly Im caught between trying to maintain discipline within the unit so cant be seen to argue with the CoC and looking after the guys. Not trying to be a rabble rouser or a barrack room lawyer and the likelihood is Ill just stick with making sure the guys are aware of the tshirts but I wont be pushing the point however if the BQMS sticks his oar in I wanted to be able to be able to back up my argument
  15. have you put it to your lads? they might be supportive, i would 110 % back you up if it was explained to me