Can a serving soldier "buy himself out"?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by SkinMan, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. My son has become so depressed about army life I am becoming very worried about him. He joined up at 16 and spent the first year in AFC then off to join his regiment. Most of the time he's been quite happy but now he is stuck in a boring routine that is driving him nuts. He's just 19 and on his first tour which he found interesting at first but now is dragging him right down.

    Any suggestions or ideas?

  2. Just out of curiosity, what does he do (job wise)?
  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Thought you could initially signed on for four years? If so, then he should be coming to the end of that now? I stand ready to be corrected, i am but a reservist and dont know better!
  4. If it hasn't changed too much since I was a reg you can buy yourself out (PVR). However, if he is on tour or on notice to go on tour this wouldn't be an option until he returns...
  5. He's a trooper although he has been given some additional responsibility and is due for some accelerated training and promotion on return from deployment.
  6. "Thought you could initially signed on for four years? If so, then he should be coming to the end of that now? I stand ready to be corrected, i am but a reservist and dont know better! "

    His contract is "open" and requires a minimum of 4 years colour service which only started on his 18th birthday
  7. All soldiers now sign on for 22 but can leave after 3 years and giving 1 years notice, i.e put notice in at 2 year point leave at 3
    after 2 years he can put his notice in but remember his service didnt start until he was 17 1/2 so the earliest he could put his notice in is 19 1/2 years of age.
    Of course if he has a trade his length of service may be longer.
    Also i may be wrong and times may have changed
  8. So he IS about to deploy somewhere? If so his 'boredom' will no longer be an issue.
  9. The thing is I'm confused!

    It's a fact that almost nobody likes their job all the time so most of us will moan from time to time. I accept that and when, in the past he's whined I just listened and then tried to get him to look for the lessons he could learn or the best bit of any given situation.

    But like he said to me on our last conversation "Its not you who has to sit out here in the desert for the next 4 months bored out of your skull!"

    There is one bit of me that feels I should be saying "look son you're a man and you don't have any choice in this particular matter so just get on with it and stop moaning to your Mum all the time" but then the fatherly compassion in me thinks "hey I DON'T know what he is going through so just shut up and listen"
  10. He has deployed and took his two weeks leave after two months so is now back with his regiment.
  11. Ah, he bored on tour. Everyone has a bad tour every now and then. Its just unfortunate that his forst is boring. Still, it could be worst. I spent 2 months in GW1 staring out of a sanger, day in, day out freezing my nuts off with zero visual stimulation in the often pouring rain. If he's bored becasue he is doing a thankless stagging on type job or is he bored because he envisioned running around like Rambo I wonder. If he is a trooper (cav regt) then I can't imaginge them being bored at all.
  12. Hes not entitled to PVR (I think) as they were the rules for the old A,B and C scale payed soldier
    However does he not fancy a transfer to a new Corps first before he bins it just seems a bit of a waste if hes just bored
    There is other jobs out there for him to make things more exciting. He needs to speak to his RCMO and ask about a transfer
    to a job that may suit him more rather than bin it and regret it later
  13. Bored is preferable to dead.
  14. He can't PVR or change trade til he has done his minimum 4 years. He can sign off after 3 and leave on the four year point. Sadly he enlisted when he was under 18 so his time didn't start until then. They will have explained this to you and your son on his enlistment.

    He'll just have to hack it... :(
  15. his first tour is always a bit mentally straining but after its done he will feel he has achieved something and he has stronger self cofidence its a learning curve he is still finding his feet the reality of being a soldier is kicking in
    your son is a credit to himself for just being where he is at this moment in time he has respect from all who are in charge of him the pressure is put on every soldier for 1 reason to make them stronger mentally he will find his place in the army this is the biggest familly with the best opportunities he will learn the best life skills possible