Can a Ranker Pull up an Officer for his Dress?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by bullshit, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. Sahs,

    Yesterday whilst in a multinational base I saw a RM Officer walking around with a DPM issue fleece on, hands in pockets, and dressed like a new cadet. My question is do I:

    A. Politely ask him to dress how he would expect his soldiers to dress, plus politely emphasising that it is a multi-national base and brits are supposed to set a highter standard.

    B. Ignore, he's as officer from an Elite type force - who am I to comment?

    C. Resign myself in accepting I am becoming an old fart destined for a job with MPGS or Corps of Commissionairs!

  2. Certainly in my time in RMP we were taught to pull up ORs for dress offences and were told that Officers could not commit such offences. Basically they could do and wear pretty much what they liked. Saying that the only time I pulled a soldier up was on public duties in London with about 3000 people watching, so I couldn't walk past while he was standing next to Horse Guards Parade with a fag in his gob and his hat in his hand, the other being in his No1 dress trouser pocket. He looked surprised as well!
  3. Suffer no drop in standards.
    Rodney should lead by example
    You can always say better to be told politely than to be told and receive extras.
    I have managed to "educate" many an officer in my time, Politely of course, and trust me some of them need it.
    On the oter and if he was a meathead run around the corner and shout " oi you Hands out your pockets" If he spots you you can say you were shouting at some idle man and not rodney who obviously would not do such a slovenly thing. salute and walk away.
  4. must have been a Life Guard :wink:
  5. As long as you're not rude about it, I don't see any will this Navy chap take it though?
  6. I got picked up on squadron parade once by a new troopy, who looked like he had just crawled out of the MFO box he had arrived in, I always prided myself in my turnout, and he picked me up for something trivial like a twisted lace (yeah, i know, twisted mind...tell me about it)

    This lad looked like he'd just had a pillow fight, and got dressed in the dark.

    I took it on the chin, but shot my troop staffy who was with him "the look"

    Needless to say, this young man was taken to one side after the parade, and told in no uncertain terms if he ever picked a man up who was smarter than him again, his new boots wouldnt touch the tarmac until he hit the Adjudants office.

    Job done, and to be fair he actually turned out to be an alright bloke, so i made a point of giving him loads of shit for it in the bar later in his career.
  7. @bullshit - Option B is correct. Although, if you are of Warrant rank, a quiet word with the Adjutant is usually acceptable and a word may be had if the officer is below Field Rank.

    The exception being if you are the RSM and the officer is a new subaltern who is actually poorly turned-out rather than exercising the well-established tradition of officers' eccentric approach to dress regulations.

    Officers of Field rank (Major+) are immune to such matters when it comes to the opinions of their subordinates. Of course, there is still the minor matter or displeasing the CO and/or Mess President, but that happens well out of sight of the rank and file (or ought to).

  8. As a Capt my SSM regularly had to brief the Troop Comd on dress, he was always funny and with just the right amount of "respect". Indeed we used to point them out so he could charge off at them, very funny until he had to do it to me when i was inventing my uniform. But entirely correct i thought.

    Alot depends on who the Offr is and your relationship to him, there's a good chance if he doesnt know you he might tell you to get fcuked.
  9. He won't want any grief, and it might simply be that he has his mind on other things. If you aren't sure on approaching him direct, find an RM Sgt or upwards, or an RN PO or upwards - they will be able to drop a word in the right ear.
  10. Wheres your SSM or RSM?

    As papa laz says point theminhis direction, I am sure they will educate the young man.
  11. Wheres your SSM or RSM?

    As papa laz says point theminhis direction, I am sure they will educate the young man.
  12. Don't worry too much. Have you ever seen a Dutch naval officer?

    Many years ago I was inspected by a (British) officer who looked like he'd come straight from a photo shoot for the Sex Pistols' new album cover.

    Long hair stuck horizontally out from beneath his manky cap. His uniform clearly hadn't seen an iron in some time and he'd polished his shoes with marmite.

    Nobody pulled him up for this. Perhaps unsurprising as he was Commander in Chief Naval Home Command and an Admiral. The higher up they get, the worse they become.
  13. Officers actually pay for their kit so an OR can never in theory pick up an officer for a dress offence, however, like somebody has already said, a quiet word with the Adjt at times would be one solution to the problem.
    How many times have people seen an officer type walking round in uniform but with a barbour jacket on too?
  14. We know that some officers push the limits to what they actually do class as uniform, with all sorts of boots, shoes, silly coats and odd jackets.

    But when they are dressed in what is suppoed to be Cbt 95s, they really should stick to the proper regulations. At a HQ not a million miles from my location, and we know that HQ Staff officers out of the reach of an RSM are the worst offenders, I have seen female officers with their hair well over their shoulders, smocks worn fully open and sleaves rolled up to mid forarm in an attempt to join in with the rest of the army wearing 'Shirt Sleave Order'. That's on top of the usual officer add-on's, swager sticks, dogs and badly shaped berets. It really does make me cringe.

    If they can't be trusted to dress themselves to some sort of standard then there really should be someone who's job it is to pull them up when they fail. I know there is, but they are obviously either not doing it or too busy doing everything else that's dumped on them.
  15. Nothing wrong with pointing out to an officer where his dress is not up to standard but be polite and ensure it is out of earshot of anyone else.