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Can a Raleigh be used for cycling?


Kit Reviewer
Serious question. I know Raleigh bikes are incredibly tough and winter is coming. I'm putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with some justification on buying one. Would a Raleigh be any good for cycling on or should I go for something with more wheels ?

What sort of knife should I use ?

=All in one bit of kit!


Book Reviewer
I use an old Raleigh "Stonefly" mountain bike with a 90watt electric motor strapped onto the back wheel for when I get tired,well I am almost 60, it's great for poping down the pub and as Cardiff is a really good bike friendly place it suits me well.


Kit Reviewer
verticalgyro said:
I would always go for a blue one, the extra endurance delivered during a mean winter sou'westerly will ensure the blade length to wheel ratio keeps your pineapples at optimal excitation state.

Have you considered a Mini Moke and the keyboard player from the Charlatans?

That I can understand. Normally I just use a boneshaker and a panga but since moving back to Scotland the locals get bloody bitter and if I can get one bike that I can go cycling on and out stalking with in winter, save on the blood chits.

Your suggestion is interesting but I've never been in the Black Mafia and anyway, I thought Collins had headbutted laminate in a drinking game.
The most important thing is to remember to have a playing card protruding from the spokes to catch the forks, so as you ride you get a 'clack clack clack' sound, which actually gets faster the faster you go!

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