Can a P8 discharge rejoin?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by TABBER, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. Hello gents, hard infomation would be great on this.

    I was a P8 discharge from service.
    The injury was lower limb and requiring a metal permanent fixation

    I have been informed by the Army recruiting office that the above injury is on the banned list.

    I have also been informed more recently by an RAF surgeon (who was still treating me post discharge) that the joint services medical headsheds are reviewing this type of injury and it maybe ok for certain rear eche units....however the recruiting office can not confirm this or when it is likely to be.

    What I am idealy looking at is going down my local TA unit and asking to be put through ITD's again and jump onto an op with a mobilisation or an S-type and just role on from there.

    Is it possible to pass a TA medical with this type of injury and get deployed?
    Does anyone know which units would except me with this injury?

    One other point....if I was to 'lose' my medical documents which I have, would I just be able to go in for a medical and pass it (no noticable scaring) without it ever being chased up? Or would the P8 be on my old P-file somewhere and trigger a look up?

    Any advice is appricated guys....
  2. All you can do is ask and accept the answer that you are given by the ACIO. With regard to your 'losing' your med docs you will get found out and then you will be out on your ear. If you are considering rejoining you might want to consider the Army's Values and Standards, in particular this one:

    16. Integrity is an essential ingredient of trust, and a core requirement both of leadership and comradeship. All forms of deceit or dishonesty or breaches of trust or confidence constitute a lack of integrity, and therefore call into question whether an individual can be relied upon. Such activity covers a wide spectrum, and includes the commission of any criminal offence or any behaviour which raises doubts about an individual’s character. So, for example, if a soldier is known to be selfish or dishonest, trust between comrades will be damaged and tensions created within the team which will reduce its effectiveness. This is as true of those who misuse public funds, or who make fraudulent claims (however small the sums involved), as it is of those who are dishonest in any other way. They simply cannot be trusted. Equally, integrity demands that those who are in positions of authority, at whatever level, are fair and consistent at all times to those under them. Only then will they earn the respect and loyalty that are essential to leadership.

    Kind Regards

  3. Don't forget that your old F/Med 4 will be in Glasgow (who are quite capable of losing things without your help) and on rejoining it will be dug out and reissued.

    You'll be found out and binned in short order
  4. TOP - thanks for the reply, appricated.
    I have my F-Med 4 in hand, I got given it by the med centre after MBOS. I was ment to post it on to Glasgow but delibrately never did. Are you saying that Glasgow has a 2nd copy? Because at present it seems my med doc's are my house.

    This could mean that Glasgow has no medical records, in which case I can walk back in the door and just undergo another joining medical?

    Berlin -
    Keep it to yourself fella, that gash just doesn't wash when your on the outside.
  5. I'm confused here. Perhaps you could explain.

    In Oct 2003, you were in the TA, wanting to go into the Regs.

    All went quiet on ARRSE until Feb 2006 when you were ex-RS (RSigs presumably, as our learned friends would argue) and ex-RM. You were also ex-Inf.

    By May 2006, you were looking for an S-type engagement, enquiring whether you could keep your previous rank. You also asked another ARRSEr for details of his trade, tours and units encountered so that you could advise him.

    In Jun 2007, you asked about re-enlisting having had an ankle fusion operation, citing this as a result of an injury sustained when crossing between two landing craft.

    Having just Googled "ankle fusion," I find that this is the operation to overcome degenerative ankle arthritis.

    Now, apologies if I'm jumping to the wrong conclusions, but it does seem a bit odd that you've not only managed to serve in the Regular Army, but also managed a transfer into the Royal Marines and achieved a promotion before being invalided out, all in the space of 2 1/2 years. Then had an operation that doesn't seem to tie in with your injury.

    Add this to your current attitude toward your FMed4...
  6. Personally I can't imagine any med centre being so inept as to give a patient being discharged his f Med 4 when it should be sent to Glasgow.
  7. putteesimmyhands..

    All correct, you can use a chat history. It is confusing, hence why I am on here asking questions, I was TA RSigs and did a mobilisation, at the time thinking about FTRS and S-typeing, etc. Then moved to RM on an open engagement from which I was subsequently MBOS'ed.

    However with reference to med doc's, I believe that Glasgow now holds both RM and TA/Army med docs as a one'er.

    Shed any light on that you would be doing me a favour...

    Now if you have any further questions don't hesitate to PM me for some answers, as I can feel your curiosity burning into me here....

    The problem I have, is that with that history I am caught in an admin vortex and unawear of exactly where and how, if at all, I could come back to service.
  8. Jeez. With that history, have you considered RAF Regt? ;)
  9. Hahaha, you know what, that nots a bad suggestion...

    Better pay, better scran, another hat.....who looks after their med doc's?!

    Believe it or not mate, I am at present looking into what I would have to do to join the Australian Army.

    I think they are prepared to take me with the injury in a Signals capacity, but you have to live over there for a year first to get residency. I might bugger off on the pis* for 12 months and then turn up at the recruiting office in Sydney and see how I am recieved! lol
  11. Hi all, another P8 question here.

    I have applied for the army as a RMP (awaiting insults ;))

    However, I am waiting on my 203 (think it's changed now due to the new system), I was P8'd as a Royal Marines recruit I got to week 28 where a back injury just got the better of me, I had. 5 months of hunter company (rehab) and then I was discharged. However this was 5 years ago and it have been clear of my back injury ever since. I have entered a half marathon in November to prove to the army that my back is free from injury.

    I was wondering what my chances realistically are to progress from application..

    Thank you
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Head over to the recruiting boards for whole threads dedicated to rejoiners and medical issues.

    The only way to find out for sure is to apply. You should then expect to be rejected and have to appeal to get your real answer.

    I am not too sure that entering to do a fun run classes as medical proof of being free from injury though!
  13. Cheers mate... Will have a look now .

    It's a serious run, with a running club I'm with but suppose your right really..