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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by down_under, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. I remember seeing years ago a documentary about a battle between the English and the Scots. Now the thing that made this film really enjoyable was the fact that the Scots were in period, circa 1700's??? uniform, and the English were in modern uniform and had the use of MBTs during their assault on the Scots. And during the fight the media would interview the soldiers about how it was all going and what should be done differently etc... I am not pissed, I didn't dream this and it's not a wah. :) So could a fellow arrser help me out on the name of this flick/doco please? :?
  2. Peter Watkins' "Culloden" ? no idea mate, interested to find out though
  3. I think it was about Culloden. That sounds familiar.
  4. I have seen that as well, wasn't it a documentary about the bayonet? I think Sean Bean was the narrator
  5. The Sean Bean Bayonet thing was called Decisive Weapons(?)

    No MBT’s in Peter Watkins' "Culloden", watched it yesterday afternoon.
  6. Cheers all, I'll start googling with those two indications. :D
  7. Program was a insight into culloden and the clearances on beeb roud about 96, it used the example of modern army as duke of cumberlands force to highlight the new trainings instilled into the gov troops after hanoverian expeditionay force in flanders were recalled to stamp out the jacobites, the black watch were not involved it was the argylls at redford who were used for drill scenes