Can a father help me

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mushroom, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. Recently my 8 year old nephew came to stay with the despot and myself.

    After he left despot went onto her 'puter and then gave me a hell of a bollocking for going on certain sites. I managed to persuade her that my spelling is better than 'Laidies privets'. It is fairly obvious that the little sod has been looking at naughty sites. A quick peruse of the history confirmed this.

    Now my view is that I need to point out to the fellow that he needs to learn how to cover his tracks, and not to use the ayotollahs machine for such matters.

    Despot is distraught and is threatening to tell her sister (his Guardian reading, feminist, vegetarian type mother).

    Question is what do all the mums and dads out there think we should do. We don't have children ourselves so this is a serious request for advice.

    And yes - he got the wrong sort of bush asking for privets.
  2. Its harmless, just tell your wife thats it perfectly normal for a child that age to be inquisitive. Jesus, most children are sexually aware by that age.
  3. most girls down south are looking at having their 2nd kid by that age & waiting for their council house/flat
  4. I don't know if a priest can help you....but it may be worth asking. :wink:
  5. A friends kid did the same but he got rumbled when a £500 phone bill dropped through the door with Far East dial up numbers by the arm full. He was baned for surfing alone, but I don't think the little chap is right in the head (prime candidate for a psychopath).
  6. Show him how to delete recent sites visited and how to use win wash or similar
  7. Hey mushroom. You want a serious reply? Well I was one of those Guardian-reading, vegetarian, feminist mums. Thankfully, I didn't have internet access till my kid was 19. But, of course you've got to tell the kid's parents. You don't think it was a new trick, just learnt at yours, do you? The kid has, obviously, learnt this at home and, being only 8, the parents need to know.
  8. Run your anti virus software as you may have picked up some nasties!
  9. As a father my advice would be to drop him right in it and give him a complex from the start.

    Tell his mum that you caught him lookign at a gay gloryhole site then after chastising him you found him fiddling with his underdeveloped penis whilst watching horses getting blown.

    You could always bribe him...... amazing what a smooth thighed young lad will do when threatened with mummy and daddy being told.
  10. Tempest in a tapot really.. thank the Almighty that the kid is hetero/normal and not clicking on www.teenytinywillies. com

    His dad wil lbe chuffed to know the kid is growing up ' right ' and after publicly rebuking him to satisfy mom's concerns slip him a fiver and give him a manly thump on the for veggiemom..well..after the shock wears off [ one or two stiff mai tais should do it,] she'll be hit with the ' awe ' factor.. little chubbikins is ' growing up '..that fact will scare her more than the sites he surfs when home alone...

    still, better suggest that he clear out the stolen w*nk mags and xxx printouts he has stashed under the bunkbed before going into his ' puppy-eyed, sorry mommy routine '...

    good drills that kid....
  11. "Laidies Privets" indeed. I'd be giving his English teacher a swift kick in the arrse!
  13. caught my eldest (15) out the other day looking for crap......................obviously he does not know about internet history, never said a word cause its not like its not something i would have done if it had been around back then & it was "doris'" he was looking at so thats a weight off the shoulders :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. I have a net minder running on all my pc's bar one in the house, am I in fact stopping my sprogs development ?

    silly thing is the one without the net minder is the one in his bedroom, the one I never check....I wonder :p