Can a CR be submitted to MCM if it Hasnt been signed?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by naked_mole_rat, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. I have seen my CR but it hasn't been signed (for variously stupid reasons). My boss says it has been sent to div but without my hancock will it be excepted? I don't want the board to come around and find I wasn't even on it 'cos my rupert was telling porkies.
  2. They will not accept a CR without signature. Got onto MSWeb, if you have dii access and read the relevant sections in reference to CR's etc.
  3. mmmm, I have to say otherwise - whilst our lot were away in cyprus recently some CR were delayed in getting back to UK - so went a 'white' copy (i.e. not on yellow paper), un-signed to MCM for use by boards - worked fine, just needed a covering letter from the RCMO stating the facts and that the signed version was to follow.

    REME MCM div and an RLC Regt's RCMO on rear Pty in UK with an OC LAD away in Iraq and the Regt on TOSCA - even had folk come off boards with the 'white' CR......

    So yeah, cant see why it wont work did for us just last year...............
  4. You sign a CR to say that the soldier has seen it and for no other reason.

    A board would certainly want to know 'why' and it wouldn't be the norm.
  5. it can go in unsigned aslong as it has a covering letter
  6. Of course they may have gone for the solution I discovered on one of my reports recently, it was certainly my name but it certainly wasn't me who'd signed it...
  7. You need to sort that out. Don't let that go untouched. Forgery is a criminal offence and if your being straight here, then you have a legitimate complaint. I wouldn't leave that as it is mate.
  8. The MCMs I have dealt with have all accepted CRs (or copies on white) for boards as long as the reporting officers have signed them - they then chase up fully signed copies afterwards.

  9. Cheers peeps, sound advice as always from this forum. Thanks for taking the time.