Can a Conductor AGAI an RSM?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by ibilola, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. Can a Conductor use AGAI 67 against his (or her) RSM? :?:
  2. Nope (and its a ludicrous question). Firstly, they are of equal rank - Both being WO1, one holds a senior appointment but that doesnt mean he outranks the other. Secondly, it would cause a big fight and i'd put my money on the bloke with the pace stick :wink:
  3. What a weird question. I wouldn't know the definitive answer but I seriously suspect not. One has a higher appointment but they are in effect the same rank.

    Hmm. Adjt AGAI's a Sqn 2 I/C within a regiment when they are both Capt's. No doesn't work for me.
  4. Have a f*cking word!!!!

    As they are both WO1's, I would hope both had enough about them to sort anything out between them, without resorting to such activities. If they don't have enough about themselves to achieve this, they should demote themselves with immediate effect.

    On a technical point though, could a Tp Cpl AGAI a Cpl in their Tp? No, because they are the same rank. Conductor vs RSM? Same detail. Although it would be funny to see the conductor walking around camp with the RSMs pace stick protruding from their backside!!!!
  5. quote="chocolate_frog"]

    Although it would be funny to see the conductor walking around camp with the RSMs pace stick protruding from their backside!!!![/quote]

    The old “my dad's bigger than your dad” argument. Take your own advice and "Have a F*ing word." with yourself. Most* of the RSM's cutting around these days wouldn't raise their voice let alone their pace stick.. Might interfere with their chances for commissioning.

    * Note: Most not all.
  6. Didn't work for me either! :roll:
  7. apfsdsdu, not the old my dads bigger than your dad. Just the observation that both being WO1s they should be able to sort out their differences without resorting to such things as AGAI, and that as they are the same rank would be unable to carry out that action.

    The pacestick bit was a bit of joke, after all no RSM would really shove a pacestick up someones arrse.

    It would be sacrilidge.
  8. F_P, your experience notwithstanding. I'm failrly sure that the Adjt can by virtue of being in a senior appointment. In much the same way, a (Capt) 2IC standing in for the OC for a period of time that doesn't amount to acting rank or delegation of OC's powers would probably be able to minor AGAI a fellow Capt in the same Sqn. Doesn't mean its right though and I think that one of the 2 Capts concerned would have to be a right to$$er for it to happen.

    Anyone with access to the rule book?
  9. I don't think AGAI goes on appointment, only rank. An Adjt would probably be the exception to the rule, by virtue of their appointments role, if they can.
  10. I dread to think of a situation wherein an Adjutant even wanted to AGAI a fellow officer - however he/she has Field Officer status so is perfectly entitled to do so.

    Not sure I'd want to live in that Mess, though.
  11. Luckily I left just before all this AGAI Bollox started..... Just as well really as I was the Adjt's worst nightmare.... A Sqn 2ic who didn't give two steamy sh1ts what they thought (and told them on a daily basis) :)
  12. They would have needed Field Officer 'protection' more like.
  13. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    I do believe it’s a Major to AGAI a WO1. I not sure about any dispensation for an Adjt but its sounds about right.

    Some spotter will look it up on Monday
  14. Such issues should be resolved by either pistols or milling.
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