can a cav cpl become a grunt?

i am a full Cpl in a recce regt, badged sniper and a vehicle crew commander, i want to do some proper work what chances have i got transferring to the inf and would they take me?
Why wouldn't they? Something wrong about you?
Going to the dark side . As a recce crew commander you would have know dramas going inf , means a lot of studying .Support weapons etc . And 8 man section drills . You cannot be happy with your current unit to think of such a transfer usually its the other way round . Its a big step maybe you are on to something as FR regiments have to be the most over worked units in the British Army . Good luck
Had friends who have transferred from REME and Sigs to the infantry. If they won't let you initially sign off and they will offer you they opertunity to transfer.
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