Can a Buffalo shirt be used for cycling?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by LordVonHarley, Sep 27, 2010.

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  1. Serious question. I know Buffalo shirts are incredibly warn and winter is coming. I'm putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with some justification on buying one. Would a Buffalo be any good for cycling in or should I go for something thiner?

    =All in one bit of kit!
  2. They are great cold weather stuff but i'd reckon you'd get too hot if cycling.
  3. I used to wear a buffalo shirt and ron hills, great. You can open the zips on the shirt if you get too warm. Really depends how far you plan to cycle, how hard you going to push yourself and how cold it is.
  4. The 'pit zips' open all the way to the bottom, effectively making it an open sided shirt.
    Fantastic bit of kit that I always end up coming back to from softies, north face, jelly etc.

    Had mine for about 10 years now, wash it with nikwax stuff once every 6m, looks great for it's age (unlike the wearer)
  5. is this a wahhh or is this place becoming the refuge for pointless questions and peole with out any common sense whats so ever. i bet you ask which shoe is better left one or right one! or does your mum still do that
  6. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Buffalo actually used to do a cycling shirt - I've got one. Same as the standard shirt but with a crotch strap to stop it riding up and reflective stripes. If you vent properly, they're fine. And just right when you stop. Handy if you do hills/off-roading and end up miles from anywhere.
  7. To be honest I'd rather use a f*ckin penny-farthing than try cycling with a fleecy top.
  8. Have a squint on the Montane website there gear is top class especially if lightweight is your bag

  9. I'm not sure what you mean with the shoes as the thread is about cycling (town and XC). I can only assume that it is some form of homo erotic euphemism. The better shoe, left or right, Does Mummy do all the work? Are these all gay sex moves? slipping a well lubed size 9 up the prolapsed hoop of George Micheal? If so I except! See you on Man Love Thursday!!!!! I'll be the one in all in skin tight cycling Lycra. :eek:)
  10. That I can understand. Normally I just use a base layer and a RaceFace jacket but since moving back to Scotland the wind gets bloody bitter and if I can get one top that I can go cycling or out walking in in winter, save on the beer tokens.
  11. Cycling around town it could be just the job... hard xc ... too warm I would have thought, but it depends on you and if you feel the cold.. for xc I normaly wear a HH type t shirt and a Marmot wind proof jacket , with a thin Peak Performance base layer in my camel back for stops etc.... but thats only in the soft south or Welsh Wales .
    TBH people vary so much in how they feel the cold its difficult to give any meaningful advice .... I tend to start out slightly chilly and rely on the exercise to keep warm when riding XC but always have a spare layer in case of stoppages etc ... for me I reckon it would be too warm for XC, but walking etc would be fine ..... but then I'm rarely cold... I ski in a base layer and Jacket if its above -15
  12. what a tit! i am am sure this section is about G4 issues, not that your oversized TA chassis can fit in a buffalo shirt. no wonder thispalce is becoming a haven for wannabes and retards-mod please dispatch this thread to Arrsehole!
  13. Nope, just right. Like Taff, I used to wear my Buffalo+Ron hills in the winter, add some goretex gloves, just the job for cycling to work. It was a coastal city, so not too many snowy days. If it was really chucking it down, I'd take the goretex socks in to work so I could change into and wear dry socks inside wet trainers.

    ...while She Who Must Be Obeyed got twitchy about me playing urban dodgems, what killed the cycling was getting a job out of town, then moving out of town, and these days I need a mode of transport that fits child seats...