Can a Black Man or a Woman be US President ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jonwilly, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. The other night the Yanks in my Local had what was basically the above debate.
    Not young men but mid sixties upward apart, from the young Pup of forty something who threw his 5 cents worth in.
    The debate started with them saying who they thought would be next President and then expanded. They all defended their position and Macain, Hilary and Obama had one vote each.
    The interesting bit was after they finished. The Macain supporter who I know best says to me privately, John No matter what them two say in Public I can assure you that when your average citizen is alone in the voting booth his conscience will not allow him to vote for a Black man or a Woman. WE do have prejudiced in the States you know.
  2. Its a touchy subject, The media are blocking out McCain and bringing forward them other twos campaigns, I personally dont see the woman winning it no fcuking way, that Obama dude is a character giving her the figure etc on TV but McCain war vet,POW etc just isnt getting enough coverage. I personally reckon the black fella Obama will win.

    Also was you a good fellow and spiked their drinks and hooked them up with the local poof? - good man

  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    [quote="callum13"Also was you a good fellow and spiked their drinks and hooked them up with the local poof? - good man


    Is there a translation available?
  4. That was such a quality post in so many ways!! :?
  5. Not really into politics myself, especially when its over the pond. But, most of my former-colonial friends say they just look for the name next to 'Republican' and tick that box.
    Race, colour and sex is just something the media likes to jump on.
  6. Whichever one wins the nomination it will still leave two Democrats in the final

    ABC ticket in this household - Anyone But Clinton
  7. "Also was you a good fellow and spiked their drinks and hooked them up with the local poof? - good man "

    Er no, Baffled at this comment.
  8. The McCain people are more than happy with the coverage at the moment. Everyone knows who he is and he has quite high positive ratings. Trust me, they'd much rather sit back and let Hillary and Obama continue kicking seven shades of sh1t out of each other.

    As I've said in the Multinational forum, the fact is that McCain is fundamentally a weak candidate who, over the course of his career has focussed on National Security, wreckless government spending and campaign reform. He knows c0ck-all about things like the economy, trade, foreign affairs other than national security issues, education, healthcare, social security (apart from how to cash his own cheque). He's recently jumped on the global warming bandwagon, but he's by no means an expert there. My guess is he's taking this time to be brought up to speed on those issues.
  9. Can a black man be president of the US?

    The answer is a resounding NO!

    At least that is what the history of the Western world has proved this hundreds of years gone. I suppose nobody has ever stopped to ask themselves why only members of the same "tribe" have a monopoly on who gets to be president or head of state.

    You think I am fibbing? Just ask Dodi Al Fayez. And he wasn't even close enough to threathen anybody. And he wasn't even a septic for christ's sake!

    Can a woman be president?


    So long as it is not in the US.
  10. A black or female Republican could be president as they'd be selected as a candidate because they're better than the other options.

    A black or female Democrat probably won't as the main reason they'd be selected as a candidate would be *because* they're black or female and regardless of other factors.

  11. This is strong statement - but I would categorically 'state' No pun intended, That the USA is possibly one of the most racist countries I have experienced (I am a white english chap). However it doesnt mean to say the Obama wont get in, but I fear it will be by the skin of its teeth. The slave trade proves this and the British were as bad. I get the general feeling Britian also is becoming more americanized in its views. The impacts from this are the common factor of Iraq and Afghan conflicts also there shared media view on the actual conflict of itself.. also the UK immigration/terrorist/law problems has turned people more racist. This is the new moral panic of UK, whereas US used mainly the 'terrorism moral panic since 9/11' when Mr B was changing alert states left right and Chelsea. A strange political tactic, maybe to frighten people into voting....?

    But in Nutshell I personally think Obama is the most charistmatic leaders in Americian politics for long time and would give the US a refeshing change. He would make a far better President than that peenarse Bush - whom that I have the opinion that he has the intellectual capacity of a boiled potato..... Bush has sentenced many of your fellow americans to death by invading Iraq alike the UK, with bliar creeping right up his arrse all the way........
  12. Personally I have been wary of Hilary since Her, Bills day and I do not think she would make a good president, to much baggage left over from Bill's time.
    Obama made a good start but does seem to be cracking under the pressure and I personally don't think he would make a good president.
    Which Leaves John Macain, who frightens me.
    He really is too old and I know quite a few Fit men in their 70's.
    The pressure of Four years doing the job of 'Leader' of the Western World is a daughnting task for anyone.
    I know US politics is above all a Money game and no Poor man can ever be President
    How many US citizens and the above are the best they can come up with.
  13. People, especially the voting citizens of the US, should not be reflecting so much on the candidates but more on what they stand for.

    I have US colleagues here who tell me that if democrats get in their first point of call will be the hardware store to buy more guns. They point to the UK and its rediculous spirraling crime rate due to the petty sentences criminals are getting and say that is how the Democrats will turn the US. They will retain their right to protect themselves and bear arms and will reduce the criminal fraternity, legally, at every oppertunity.

    Sadly I do not have an arguement on their reflection of the British criminal justice system as I have to agree.
  14. I don't blame them - you have to look overall at what the party currently stands for. Major's lot were shite, but letting this lot in was opening a pandora's box. Given their background, in hindsight its all too clear what the electorate were letting themselves in for.
  15. This election should have been a Democrat shoe-in but Obama and Hilary are busy losing to the Republicans. McCain just needs to stay quiet to win.