Campuses ‘more a security threat than mosques’

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. British universities now constitute a greater security threat than radical Mosques and Islamic community centres and need to do far more to monitor on-campus extremism, a security expert has warned.

    The risk of higher education institutions being used as a recruitment ground for terrorists was put into focus by reports that one of the plane bomb plot suspects, Waheed Zaman, is head of the Islamic Society at London Metropolitan University.

    Professor Anthony Glees, director of the Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies at Brunel University, said the security services would have to do much more, including spying on students and using moderate Muslims to inform on suspicious activity.

    He said: “It is inevitable that academics will have to be much more aware of the problem on campuses, rather than just ignoring it as they do now.”

    Shiraz Maher, a former regional officer for the Yorkshire region of Hizb ut-Tahrir, the radical group the government threatened to ban last year, said vice-chancellors had been “wilfully negligent” about the growing problem.

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  2. The radicalisation of Muslims begins in Ivy League campuses
  3. Eeh bye gum Radical Students, never in my day.
    I had ta join the army ta becum politically consisous, up till then I wuz a Labour voter.
  4. I suppose similar to the security services/KGB presence in British universities during the cold war.
  5. Though prehaps a little more modern and less worried about upsetting wilfully negligent vice-chancellors
  6. There was a thread on this last July (here) - why do these things get reported as if the news is actually new?
  7. Because in the light of recent events is it 'new' and will undoubtedly be expanded upon.
  8. But they said the same sort of things after the July 2005 bombings and nothing appears to have been done about these radical student groups. I've no doubt that some are being monitored, so I'm not saying that the security services aren't doing something, but the situation isn't new.
  9. At university I was friends with the university's Muslim chaplain -- a dark skinned guy who was actually a convert from Christianity. A really nice guy, slightly naive, and very trusting.

    The last I heard of him he was in the nick for driving arms into Lebanon. Apparently he thought he was delivering medical supplies, but the truck was also carrying weapons. Knowing him, I can firmly believe that he did not know the exact contents of the truck and had just believed what the "aid agency" people told him was in it.

    We found out about this because we made him up a mock rifle club membership card with him wearing a shemagh and signed in Arabic, which all seemed frightfully funny in pre-9/11 Middle England. When the police found this card after raiding his place in post-9/11 England, they didn't find it quite so witty and amusing....
  10. Ill tell you what would stop extremism, ban the bloody internet.

    Not joking either.

    Its never been easier to disseminate propaganda/training/recruitment material, jihadi videos etc as it is now.

    If some twat on the other side of the world didnt know what was going over here and vice versa..we'd all be better off for it.
  11. But Taz mate its also the easiest way to monitor who's who and whats what - plus as electronic traffic will ussualy go through the US it means that Frederal charges can be levied should the local (UK) courts prove weak.