Campus Leftists Dont Believe in Free Speech

Discussion in 'US' started by rockape34, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. Couldn't happen here could it? ... so far our Glorious Leaders have only arrested a 'dissident' opposition politician (and a Jewish survivor of the Nazi concentration camps for having the gall to shout "shame" during a NuLab party political indoctrination session (sorry, that should have read 'conference' :roll: ) ... how long will it be until burning of dissident literature in schools and universities?

    Awaiting a spirited defence of NuLab 'democracy' from Ashie :roll:
  2. David Horowitz the neo-Con? The one whose latest idea is to organise Students for Academic Freedom which is trying to make college campuses more conservative?

    I think we have enough propaganda on ARRSE without importing it from the US.
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    ashie - 'I think we have enough propaganda on ARRSE without importing it from the US.'

    you're absolutely right - but thankfully no one takes you seriously.
  4. You disagree with hims o it must be propaganda? Not particularly sound argument there ashie.

    I actually agree completely with Horowitz, even though some of his politics is a bit far right. Given that I have seen something very similar many times at Cambridge (and reported at Oxford), what do you think about that ashie?
  5. Horowitz starts from the basic premise that universities need to become more conservative. In other words, he does not believe that universities should be able to teach what they wish to teach, only what he and his neo-con chums allow them to teach.

    He wishes for less freedom of speech, not more.
  6. Nobody think it the slightest bit ironic that he threatened people expressing their views with arrest in the name of 'freedom of speech'?

    Whose freedom was he protecting?
  7. Ok. For the sake of argument I'll accept that he want universities to be less leftist.

    Now, waht do you think about the excessive protests which plainly do hamper freedom of speech?

    As for smartascarrots, freedom of speech is fine until it hampers someone elses. When it stops someone talking, then action must be taken otehrwise we can stop anything in the name of "freedom of speech".
  8. Exactly my point and that is why we should oppose the likes of Horowitz.

    BTW, don't believe anything he writes. He is a proven liar and propagandist.
  9. Care to provide proof, or to look at the evidence I've seen?
  10. Also remember it was the university who went to the trouble of providing the protection.

    Horowitz is hated because he published a book naming 100 'dangerous' academics in the US that was based largely on fabricated or second-hand evidence. Those 100 people have had their careers ruined because they are now effectivly on a document that every time they go up for a job will pull out by the collage board who will decide that it isn't worth rocking the boat (lot of very rich Republican collage donors) by hiring them. If he's have done it this country he be so tied up in liable suits his grandchildren would need lawyers.
  11. Wot - no libel legislation in the USA? There was I thinking it was one of the most letigious societies in the world and we were slipping down the same slippery road.
  12. No he didn't a member of the university administration made the threat to arrest people.
  13. Sure. His whole propaganda campaign is based on a lie about a student being failed for refusing to address the question "Why President Bush is a War Criminal". He used this to demonstrate how "liberals" were taking over colleges. However, he completely distorted the question, refused to acknowledge the college's clarification and, when the truth of his lying came out, responded with something to the effect of "some of our facts may have been wrong, but our point was right".
  14. Nothing like as strong as ours - in the UK the law states the onus is on the person doing the libeling to prove what they were saying is true, in most countries the onus is on the person who is claiming to be being libeled to prove they alligations are false. The latter isn't easy. It's no coincidence that Guido doesn't live or keep his money in the UK, and his blog server is foreign.
  15. So you don't like Horowitz. Fine. Now, what do you think about the protests by the left wing factions in universities which emphatically do restrict freedom of speech? Your opinin of Horowitz is irrelevant here as I also believe that the left us quick to adopt tactics to which the right will not sink.