Camps/Courses in wrong part of the year

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Oct 5, 2004.

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  1. I'm looking at doing two courses next year but if I follow the advice and do them in the correct order they will be all before Apr 2005. This means I won't be able to attend a camp in the next financial year (unless I do another course Jan 06 - Mar 06 which I don't want to do). Has anyone carried forward a camp before? I will have done 6 weeks in camp training this financial year.
  2. Yeah its possible. But you need a compliant PSAO. Failing that, on your knees and blow the chief clerk.
  3. All depends if your courses will give you qualifications that are needed by your unit and if you have a good PSI/PSAO/TM etc who will do the ground work on your behalf.

    A begging letter to your OC detailing your position should do the trick....otherwise its red lipstick time.
  4. thanks ...

    works been more flexible than TA, they've allowed me to carry forward a few days hols into next year.

    Both are relevant courses to my unit, the 1st one makes me more liable for call out but the second nullifies that somewhat.

    p.s. who am I kidding, I'll get the brown envelope (for Telic 6) with my pass certificate.
  5. You mean that Glasgow actually look at qualifications when they stuff the brown envelopes?.....I think you'll find it is more down to "Right, who HASN'T been yet....they will do"
    One of my blokes had just finished basic training before he went on Telic 1. No trades at all under his belt. Mind you, he did get awarded the Queens Commendation for Bravery while he was out there.....
    All Glasgow are concerned about is the numbers game.
    However, what you will find in most cases, is that your regt will normally be asked to supply numbers of certain ranks, and regt then nomionates the bods according to firstly volunteers, then the people who are least likely to appeal for whatever reason. That's how my lot handled it, dunno about the rest.

    Sorry....went off thread there....One point to note regarding counting some of your in-camp training towards the following bounty year....your CO ultimately signs your certificate of efficiency, regardless of what you have or have not done during the year to qualify. However, these days it is difficult to get this past Glasgow as they take a look at the pay system to refer to what in-camp training you have done.
    If none shows up for next year, even though you had 6 weeks this year, it may get bounced. As advised, may be best to butter up your permanent staff and see what kind of arrangement you can come to.
    A bit of creative accountancy could be in order. Can you afford to defer say 2 weeks pay from Feb to April for instance? if so, you could hold off on submitting your pay sheet until April, obviously with April dates inserted (with permission from above of course) so that Glasgow records show you to have attended in-camp training in the new bounty year.

    This might of course break all the rules.... 8O
  6. Yep agree with that but my regt is also being asked to supply certain trades, e.g. Drivers and IT operators.

    Plan B is to do a short camp between Jan-Mar 2006