Campion - getting closer to the truth?

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by campeddie, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. Have a look, the truth will out eventually......... View attachment CampionPDF.pdf


    Click the link at your own risk. It appears to be clean and my virus scanner didn't explode but buyer beware.
  2. Is this what you joined the site for? If so, please fall face down into a pool of AVGAS while smoking a fine cuban cigar.
  3. you mean "please click on a potentially dangerous attachment from an unknown individual who has just joined this site"?

    if you want people to read what you have to say, stick it in your post. otherwise, ram it.
  4. has this not been done before?
    riveting read campfreddie!
  5. Not a single mention of throwing fridges at your enemies there.

    I call "walt"
  6. Big Phil and the cult of personality. I haven't read his memoirs, but having worked in close proximity to him many years ago the regard in which he seems to be held in some quarters just continues to surprise me.
  7. So you're saying he's utter shit? Thought so, the fridge-chucking tosser.
  8. Pied Piper at the Gates of Dawn?
  9. Are you saying he never threw anything more impressive than, say, a counter-top domestic dishwasher?
  10. or a decorative cooler box (beers not included)?
  11. Phil Campion's new book is advertised in Raider Magazine. Now it only caught my eye as I remember seeing hs name pop up here before on Waltenkommando. Is he the real deal? Can't mind if I ever read that thread 'Big Phil Campion'.
  12. You're all tork. Do 1enz.
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  13. Sorry, couldn't resist that edit.
  14. For those who do not want to click on the link here is the Sunday Times article:

    Witness opens fire on SAS tale ofGaza gunfight

    James Gillespie and Mark Hollingsworth Published: 30 December 2012

    IT HAS all the hallmarks of a classic Boy’s Own adventure: the SAS, thrilling combat and daring escapes.

    Little wonder then that Quercus, the publisher of Born Fearless, the memoirs of Phil Campion, a former SAS solider, was delighted when the title got into the paperback bestseller list in The Sunday Times during September.

    Now, however, doubts have been cast on one section of the book in which Campion took part in a dangerous mission in Gaza. Campion describes how he joined a five-man civilian “ultra-deniable” mission to protect engineers repairing the only power station there.

    Now, however, doubts have been cast on one section of the book in which Campion took part in a dangerous mission in Gaza. Campion describes how he joined a five-man civilian “ultra-deniable” mission to protect engineers repairing the only power station there.

    Crossing the “no man’s land” on the border between Israel and Gaza, he details how the team were caught in a firefight between Hamas and the Israeli Defence Forces.He then recalls how “all hell breaks loose. We hit the dirt and the 2-inch mortar rounds start howling down. What follows is a 20-minute full-on firefight . . . By the end of it the five of us have been smashed by chunks of shrapnel and blasted rock, but at least we’re still alive.”

    After some time working at the power station, Campion tells how the men cameunder sustained attack by an Islamic Jihad group which wanted to seize him. There isa dramatic account of the assault as gunfire rakes the buildings. This is without doubt material for a gripping book, but is it true?

    Ray Cooper, 61, a former Metropolitan police detective who has worked on war crimes investigations and is now working with the European Union monitoring mission in Georgia, insists it is not. Cooper, who was a member of the same team and in the book is referred to as “Panama Plod”, said: “I get very angry reading it. The chapters relating to the Gazapower station project are a tissue of exaggeration and fantasy.”

    Far from being a “deniable” mission, he claims it was a humanitarian project sanctioned by the United Nations that even the Israelis had agreed could take place. He says the UN flag was flown over the buildings and the Israelis had the plant’s Global Positioning System co-ordinates to ensure they did not attack it during the repairs.

    As to the crossing of no man’s land, Cooper said he was with Campion at the time and there were only three distant small explosions and a single shot fired from the Israeli side at a local taxi. In response, according to Cooper, the British team stood still and raised their hands for a short time before walking on. “Nothing else happened,” he said. “His [Campion’s] account is just nonsense.”

    Describing the Islamic Jihad assault on the power station, Campion wrote: “There’s this savage burst of automatic fire. Rounds go screaming over my head, just inches off target, and slamming into the compound’s wall. I go diving through the guardroom door being fully aware of just how close I’ve come to getting my head blown clean off.”

    Cooper said that far from a sustained attack by Islamic Jihad, only a few shots were fired at the building and those came from disgruntled Hamas members who were angered by Campion’s behaviour.

    “The attack by hordes of Islamic Jihad supporters hell bent on getting Campion did not happen,” Cooper said. “There was no attack on the guardroom, the Hamas guards did not come under attack and they did not return fire.”

    Cooper, whose version of events is supported by another member of the team, is portrayed in an unflattering light in the book, particularly for his refusal to agree to Campion’s request to carry a pistol.

    Campion said Cooper was not “up to the job” and was not with them during the firefight described in no man’s land.

    He said two senior people who had worked with him previously in Gaza could verify his account.
    “This is sour grapes because I criticised them [Cooper and the second team member] for not carrying their weapons . . . I have never heard a story that hasn’t been buffed up a little bit, but what I haven’t exaggerated are the facts of the matter,” Campion said. “There was an attack on the power station. Yes, it was Islamic Jihad and yes, they were after me because I sacked my interpreter. I am perfectly prepared to meet this individual [Cooper] and have it out with him. If he wants to have a pop at me that’s fine, but let him say it to my face. I can guarantee it

    The truth as I say will always out ;-)

  15. so who are you? Cooper?