Discussion in 'Travel' started by Poppy, Jun 23, 2010.

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  1. Is anyone able to recommend a campsite within walking distance of a beach, accessible by rail from London and near a pub. I have looked on happycampers and but would appreciate personal recommendations
  2. Fishery Creek on Hayling Is. good little site pub just round the corner,not much of a beach though.Scotts Farm West Wittering has the beach.Not sure of nearest train stations.
  3. little switzerland in Folkestone , ok bit of a pebbly beach , but its a great lil site tucked away on a cliff ledge. Failing that Park resorts in Camber Sands has touring pitches right on the doorstep of 7 miles of golden sands. You,ll have to get the train to Rye , then bus or taxi to the site, or even walk it ( takes about an hour) . If the beach is your main priority i,d go for Camber , just look beyond the £9.50 holiday Sun reading chavs who inhabit the place.

  4. Forgot to say... PUBS.. aswell as the clubhouse on site , theres the Castle pub down the road & the Green Owl which does a fantastic meal ( book in advance) Theres also one or two wine bar type places , a chippy , & I think a chinky & Indian.

  5. I've been camping in Camber Sands - it's a lovely beach :) and the campsite is ok - keeps tents separate to the caravans. One of us is driving and the others using the train (Geisha can jet round the world on her own but needs assistance in London/UK :twisted: )
  6. You can always read the reviews on , I use them alot & they all seem pretty much on the ball. Yeah you always get the whingers , but they are easy to whittle out.

  7. terroratthepicnic

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    Holywell Bay, Cornwall. Its near Newquay (short taxi or bus ride) has a beach, nice pub. plenty of walking available and there is a nudist beach near by if that floats your boat.

    There are a few caravan/camping sites in the area, just look online for what suits you best.
  8. Keyhaven and Milford on Sea Hampshire. Google earth it. Gorgeous, 200yds from a beach. 3 nice pubs and splendid chippy, Idian and Thai within a short distance. Cruising and fishing trips to Needles from harbour, Hurst castle and Keyhaven Marsh nature reserve. Good range of shops in village. About 5 miles from New Milton Railway station (Direct to waterloo) or 3 miles from Lymington (change at brockenhurst for waterloo).
    The Newsagent probably sells about three copies of The Sun per year, to Mancunian chavs who are hopelessly lost on their way to Hastings for their 9.50 Holiday.
  9. Newgale in Pembrokeshire. Train to Haverfordwest and then bus for 9 miles to Newgale. But, and this is a very big but the pain getting there is off set by being meters from one of the UK's best beaches. Pub on the edge of the site, which does scoff with quite good prices, shop next to pub which does essentials (well the pub does the true essential but you know what I mean).

    Do not be put off by the extended travel this is a good place. F%cking awful though if the weather is shite, which it is between Oct and May.
  10. Stainmaster- care to name the site? tried google and there are a few, some with better reviews than others
  11. that is a lovely area - went there once for a weekend. Thanks all for your help will carry on thinking............
  12. Gremlin

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    If you'll have a car with you try the Aldeburgh area. You'll need to do a pick up from Saxmundum (about 4 miles away) but the area is great.

    'Aldeburgh Camping ' brings up a few hits i Google, but this one is right on the beach:
  13. The pub "The Duke of Edinburgh" at Newgale had the pubbles from the beach thrown through the windows by a storm not long ago, nice place, though, go to the area all the time St Davids and Solve are great and there are very good bus services all along the coast, serffing ,fishing and the coastal path are all really good.

    The Gower is also a great areas with loads of beach sites, Port Eynon my favorite, with good bus links from Swansea, good pub, The Sloop,and smashing walks along the cliffs to Paviland and the Worms Head
  14. well I have decided it between Camber Sands and East Wittering..........East Wittering accessible by bus from Chichester so has the edge
  15. Aaah but Camber has an international airport on its doorstep! London Ashford, Lydd is but a stones throw away. And if you want nightlife I cant recommend Lydd highly enough!