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Hello all.

Myself and a few mates found out today that we've got the rest of the week off, and are looking for something fun to do that won't break the bank.

We've searched last and a few others for flights into europe etc but can't find anything that really appeals, so have set our sights on camping, with a bit of walking, and whatever else we can jack up during the day.

The thing is we're interested in parking up somewhere and cutting off into the woods with kit, sitting up with a campfire and a couple of crates talking crap all night etc, then fit some activities in during the day. All we can seem to find online relates to the whole get a pitch and camp next to your car, keep the noise down and dont scare the neighbours type of arrangement.

We're basically after any tips on sites or spots (both positive and negative welcome) that either have switced on staff that are happy with squaddie behaviour, or who cater for this kind of thing but we havent been able to find online.

We're london based but not affraid to travel if it's worth it.

Thanks in advance,
Try Newquay, weather will still be ok and they are more than used to squaddie types (and worse) there. Can do all kinds of stuff in the day and then get lashed in the night on the beach.
Plenty of 'wild camping' in the lake district. Also up in jockland, beyond Loch lomond.

Try googling 'wild camping', plenty of stuff on the net about it and hints on were is good, bad etc.
There's a huge unspoilt area just south of Richmond, North Yorkshire - you can just roll up, pitch a dayglo tent, light fires and dig out the boogie box. You'll be really welcome!
Mag_to_grid said:
Try Newquay, weather will still be ok and they are more than used to squaddie types (and worse) there. Can do all kinds of stuff in the day and then get lashed in the night on the beach.

Got to agree, I spent a fortnight dossing down here when I first came out the army
Much faster response than I was expecting, thanks to all.

Nequay's sounding good.

May give Richmond and the likes a miss cheers!

Top e-camping-directory link tho puttees, straight from your favourites list into mine! xx


I've used the red squirrel, good campsite and all the hills(read mountains) you could ever imagine climbing on your doorstep. Campfires allowed and you may have just missed midgie season....
Hope you have a cracking few days off FO, whatever the reason for your unexpected freedom.
Reminds me of the time back in the mid 70's when our unit was "double booked" on Inner German Border Patrol. :?
On arrival at Soltau we were stood down as the other unit had turned up first and already signed in.
Our Troop Subby (who was a good egg and left many years later as a red tab) was against going back to peacetime location and instead decided to take the Troop for a week of "yellow handbag camping" on top of the Deister. We also managed a couple of resup and schnelly runs into the nearby town of Springe. Reported back to our main unit the following week with no-one the wiser. A great week was had by all and the only people who complained were a couple of pads who didn't want to spend any money!
Thankfully, I was single at the time so had no such worries.
Happy days and unfortunately, I couldn't see a similar opportunity arising with todays overstretched (and over-regulated) army.
There is some nice self catering accomodation in a quaint place called Imber, or if you want the sea, there is always Tyneham 8)
Be honest you watched Carry On Camping on Saturday.

Can you not just find a wooded area nowadays and stick some tents up, that's what we did when I were a lad.

Happy days
try one of these noty sure which obne it is but about £5 per night for a camper van so will be cheaper for a tent nice place and plenty going on around there, Bottom one is on a proper site with bogs and power so no fires but they do havew a small tent area and theres another site just behind it which seems to have a permenant cadet youth team or something behind it Old man of coniston and the fells are all easy to walk to from there and a few nice pubs in Coniston

Scarr Head Farm
Torver, Nr Coniston
Tel: 015394 41576 or 41328
Cook Farm Camping Site
Torver, Coniston
Tel: 01539 441453

Hoathwaite Farm Camp Site
Torver, Coniston
Tel: 01539 441349

Park Coppice Caravan Club Site
Tel: 015394 41555

Faoiling that theres 2 at the Langdale pikes which take tents the 1st one near the small village also has showers and 5 min walk into the place to stock up on beer
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