Camping with a Bird

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by arby, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. Arbyette has agreed to go camping somewhere in Scotland. this is quite an achievement as she gets panic attacks if she goes more than 5 miles away from a Pret a Manger. Anyone suggest a decent place NEish Scotland thats close enough to civilisation if she starts whining excessively and demands a hotel?
  2. Scotland? Civilisation? lost me there....
  3. South Aberdeenshire is lovely, plenty of towns and villages not too far apart.
  4. try balago perthshire roond aboot june july time
  5. Camping is about sex and beer, doesnt matter where you go as long as you do both (in either order) the west coast should be nice as well
  6. Perhaps the question should be, 'Anyone know anywhere in Scotland to go camping where we won't be eaten to fcuk by midgies!
  7. Loch Lomond or around Oban area, its a nice wee place.
  8. just camp behind a pub any pub
  9. Or Werewolfs.............
  10. Don't. Just... don't...

    <shudder><nervous twitch>
  11. Nice wee places yup but midge city.

    How about Moray coast? Nairn? (If you're up that way you've got to see Fort George). East Neuk of Fife is pretty decent too.
  12. You get the flashbacks too?

    Balado's lovely in July, shame its about £10 a pint.
  13. I know a nice woodland/forest area near Ayr i camp there regulary with a few birds, if you PM i will give you co ords to my home made grave site,just make sure you dont put your misses on one of the fresh ones, i am going back soon and they have a 3-4 month time span until all the fleshy area goes nasty :S
  14. maybe i can go camping with you both, i have my own tent, mask and knife
  15. well the last camping trip to Arbroath beach didnt go well, thought I was going to get laid, frigid b'tch, all I got was some head and a couple of handjobs. Still, on the brightside, Ive still got loads of smokeys left.