Camping in France this summer

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Quagmire19, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. Having a few weeks off I'm thinking about going camping in France for a couple of weeks, on foot taking the ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff, and not to mention the missus as well (the outdoors type, who would rather do this than a week in Majorca...hmm) does anyone have any experience of camping around Brittany, good campsites, tips, and how to do it as cheap as possible!

    Much appreciated
  2. I have used these many times. You can only use them at certain times but well worth it. Good thing too if the weather or site is crap you can move on.
  3. Cheers for all the tips, I remember laughing at Quimper many moons ago on a Haven holiday with my parents... good times... I might go on my own to try my luck on the ferry... ;)
  4. Have you looked in the Forces Discount Brochure Quagmire?
  5. Having a look at the online version, no joy yet!
  6. Between Roscoff and Morlaix there is a village called Carentec, with quite a few good camp grounds and beaches, about 2 km from it there is 'Camping Hortensias' a camping a la ferme, good showers, even a glassed in area if it is rough. and the farm is organic, with all it's produce available.

    It costs €4 a night, for me , my tent and a bike.

    I have used it for the last ten summers and can recommend it.

    If you got to Morlaix the train from there could drop you off at Brest for a change of area.
  7. I went to France and germany a couple of years back with this company:

    Ecellent service, the price included all ferry crossings, holiday insurance, car breakdown etc. The campsite was excellent (with a nice bar on site), and we had complimentary tickets for the local railway/bus services.

    You can book chalets as well as tent pitches but if you don't want to set up your own tent they will provide one for you ready to walk straight in. At the site I stayed at they even had electricity laid on for all the tents.

    I'm thinking about a holiday with them again next year - highly recommended.

  8. If you're in the Saint-Malo region, I highly recommend a trip up the River Rance towards Dinan.
  9. It's a great place. Going to Les Sables in the summer. Been umpteen times, but non of that camping bollox.
  10. Eurocamp are in there as mentioned in the above post by Rodney. They offer 10% off for MOD personnel with a discount code.
  11. They also do some last minute bargains on their website. If you're not too fussy about location. I can recommend Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland, awesome scenery out of the door of your tent/cabin.
  12. If you are looking at Eurocamp try the Eurocamp Independent, it will give you more of what you want if you are using your own kit.
  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Pretty sh1t as a day trip from Brittany though..... :)

    Some of the posh old hotels above in Wengen do good offers out of peak season.
  14. Concur completely over St Cast - it's a gem. If you're into your castles, pop round the coast to Fort La Latte - been a film set on numerous occasions including Sunday pm classic 'The Vikings' with Kirk Douglas.
  15. I had a great family holiday at a park in Carantec last year, good accomadation either caravans or tents or take your own. Fantastic beaches at Perros Guirec about 20 miles away and the best thing the camp site is about 20 minutes from Roscoff, great when the kids have had enough after a 6 hour crossing. The park details are on Eurocamp but you can book direct and cheaper with the park itself.