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Been reading quite a bit the threads and also seen some good ideas elsewhere, what is your experiences with cooking a meal when on exercise ?

Im looking at a lightweight and easy storage stove for future use.

Jet Boil (got one of these but never taken it out of the packet)


ARmy RSE - Jetboil Flash Stove Review

Biolite - looks good as a wood fuel cooker but if after a charger, but surely a solar one would be the same.


BioLite CampStove - Month Long Review

ptimus Nova Plus Multifuel Stove


Optimus Nova Plus Multifuel Stove Review | NI-Wild Blog

Alternatively, make your own

Wood Stove
How To Make A Wood Gas Stove - Compact & Efficient! - YouTube

Alcohol Stove
Fancy Feast Cat Food Can Backpacking Stove - YouTube

These look good, but bit big :)

Solar Cookers, Ovens, and Food Dryers


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Jetboil all the way. Fits in a PLCE Utility pouch too. Don't bother with any of that other shit.

If it really is just for exercise then you won't need anything else. You're only objective is gonna be heating up rat packs and boiling water for tea/coffee. You need something that does this quickly and cleanly and is robust enough for life in the field. You won't need anything that can grill meat or boil a big pan of water.

As an old lad (ish) and a bit of a gadget freak, including outdoor gadgets, I'm going to give you an opinion which you probably won't like, agree with or heed. Conclusion reached having amassed a collection of camp stoves, modern and classic all of which have been used in allsorts of places from my back garden to central Europe.

Either Hexi or, if you want to save on the washing up a bit and don't mind buying the stuff, a meths burner.

For as long as the laws of physics remain in place, either of these will heat rations. Not quickly, not in a flash way, not in a manner you can show off.. But every.single.time. I've met no other stove that I can say this about.


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I've also got one of these:

Campingaz - Party Grill® + Carry Bag

It's not for taking on ex, but if you're vehicle borne or going camping with a couple of mates, it's a great bit of kit for knocking up a cheeky bacon sarnie or burger. The grill comes off so you can just use it as a normal stove too.
I have a jetboil, it lasted about an hour on excersise right up until the insulation round the piezo ignighter cracked, meaning the spark tracked to the body of the burner and not the hob.

I reckon I can fix it though with some heat resist paint.
Jet boil. Supoib piece of kit.

Had a Coleman Sportster in my time - I'd take that on tour, but for Ex / Camping solo in places where I can get gas easily, Jetboil every time.
I have used a Jetboil when hillwalking for the past ~6 years and it is one of the best bits of cooking kit I have ever bought . Very efficient and can use C100 or C125 gas containers . Rapid " To Boil " time and even my ancient version is still relatively easy to use and has never let me down .
I use a jetboil flash. Only problem that I encountered with it was that the gas knob can be a bit fiddly to use when it's cold. Easy fix though, just drilled two holes on either side of it and bent some wire into a wee handle. Works well.
Yeah for the has vehicle type Ex Ive got this and plenty of Canisters


But looking at the you carry everything type Ex, with the jetboil, as I said Ive got one just not used it, how long does the canister last ?


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Not being funny but you've already said you own a Jetboil.

Why not get it out of it's wrapper, try it out and then you'll realise that you have absolutely zero need for anything else?
The Crusader cooker and two blocks of hexi is the way to go. Boils up a cup of hot water in only 12 minutes. Well, it warms it through anyway. I have to say I've been on very few exercises where I wasn't able to source the delivery of a deep-fried pizza or a road kill kebab.

Crusader cooker. Old school.
Jetboil all the way. It fits everywhere, boils like a demon, the gas lasts ages but I know the wee thing that makes the spark can go tits up quite often. Hasn't happened on mine but then again mine doesn't get abused on ex regularly. No biggie, just use a lighter I suppose.
That's the problem with gas, you can't visibly check the level...
You don't need to. You weigh it.

Weigh the new cylinder, boil a litre of water, weigh the cylinder again. From that you work out how much gas you've used and how much you'll need for the duration of your stay outdoors - one cylinder plus a spare or two cylinders plus a spare.

Even if your calculations are miles out, you've still got a spare cylinder.

As you say, though, gas is very temperature (and altitude) dependent. It may well light but whether it'll heat is another matter.

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