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Discussion in 'Travel' started by Poppy, Jun 5, 2011.

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  1. Do a couple of nights in each starting with the one you consider worst. You can threfore end your holiday on a high! That part of the UK coastline is exceptional. I drove down all the B roads to Lyme Regis the other week - great
  2. thanks but I am travelling by public transport! Train to Weymouth then bus or taxi to campsite. Sea Barn has views over Chesil Beach and you can use the pool at West Fleet so that may have the edge over the others........
    The coast line does look beautiful - my long weekend may have to extend for a day or so
  3. Throw them all in a hat and draw one out.Then go wild camping,you'll save a fortune. ;-)
  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    throw the kids in the pool and they will soon warm it up, we should have had enough sun to heat it a bit now anyway
  5. I don't have any kids - I'm going on my own :)
  6. Whilst your down there nip into Bovington for some Monkey monkey World that is...well unless your after some of the tankies.
  7. Thats just sick with all them Jimmys in Blandford. :)
  8. And don't forget to take some no rinse with you.
  9. Just back from a weekend at Durdle Door campsite (2 hours 20 from Clapham Jct, 10 minute taxi ride from Wool station) - good location, 10 minutes walk from Man o' War and Durdle Door beaches (pebbles but great views). Was busy this weekend but sure it will quieten down now half term over. Good site, but if you go for the wooded area, ensure you have ear plugs as the rooks are bl**dy noisy! Shower blocks are newly revamped and pretty clean and tidy. Costcutter on site if needed. It's on the South West Coast path and about a mile from Lulworth. Recommend the fish and chips at Finleys in Lulworth. Durdle Door's site - The Lulworth Estate
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  10. that sounds lovely - I may consider it later in the summer if I am going with friends but at £20 a night it is more expensive than the three in the frame for June.
  11. Durdle Door is good but expensive - we have been going there for years (15 at least) but it is becoming very commercial and also very full of children.
    I spent many childhood summers on the farm at the end of the drive to Moonfleet hotel , both Sea barn and West Fleet are similar , sea barn used to have some fields that were away from the main site and tended to be more peaceful - read less kids .
    Other options in the area are some basic farm field type campsites along past Tyneham.
    We avoid at all cost's now the school hols and bank holidays , sadly many campers now are of the chav type with little regard for others
    If you are going alone why not take minimal kit and wild camp along the coast, start at say West Bay and work your way along to Durdle or to Kimmerage - loads of hidden bays along the way where we have spent many a happy peaceful night with just a drift wood fire and the stars for company -( subject to the ranges being open if you want to go past Lulworth cove) the good thing is with so many campsites on the coast not to mention pubs you only have to carry minimal food and water.